10 Things Which Surly Make Lahore The Best City In World

Lahore, Lahore A… Jine Lahore Nai Takia Jamya Nai…. Lahore is the cultural capital of Pakitan….. There are hundreds of such saying about Lahore, and the best part is, all of them are true. Lahore is such a wonderful piece of land that it remained the cultural, educational, political and traditional hub even before the creation of Pakistan. Here are few reasons which prove that there is no other city like Lahore,

1. Lahore Never Sleeps, Its Available 24/7 * 365

Late Night activities  in Lahore (Source: Pinterest)

Lahore and Lahories are known for their late night activities. Infect according to many people, Lahore shows its original colors after the sun set. It doesn’t matter which time of the day is, Lahore will greet you with the same freshness every time.

2. Yummy Food, It’s Just Finger Licking Good

Lahore Food (Source: Pinterest)

When it comes to food, Lahore has just no comparison at all in the whole world, its definataly the food capital of the world. Lahore offers all sorts of the food, from 5-star hotels to sreet food. Which one is better, its not that east to decide. Lahories just love to eat.

3. A Unique Combination of Old & Modern Culture

New and Old Lahore
New and Old Lahore

One thing which distinguished Lahore from rest of the world is the fact that one can witness both modern as well as old cultures at the same time. There are some places in Lahore where people have adopted Western Lifestyle but at the same time, there are places which can remind you the Mughal’s Era.

4. Lahore Festivals, There Are Many

Basant in Lahore
Basant in Lahore (Flicker)

Lahore is a city of festivals. Lahories celebrate many festivals throughout the year and these festivals attract many local as well as international tourists. Festivals like Basant, Horse and cattle show, World Performing Art Festival, Mela Chiraghan are some of the festivals Lahories celebrate along with other traditional festivals like Eid, Independence Day Celebrations etc.

5. Historical Places,

Lahore Fort
Lahore Fort (Source: Flicker)

Lahore remained the capital of combined India for many years, this is the reason why there are hundreds of historical places in Lahore, especially of the Mughal Era. Most of such places are very well maintained and people who came to Lahore from other regions love to visit these places.

6. Lahore Hosts Some of The Best Educational Institutes

Government College University, Lahore
Government College University, Lahore, opened in 1864 (Source Flicker)

Some of the best and most historical educational institutes of the entire subcontinent are situated in Lahore. Colleges and university like Government College University (Formerly Government College) Punjab University, Aitchison College, LUMS, kinnaird College makes Lahore the educational hub of Pakistan.

7. Lahore, The City of Gardens

shalimar garden
Shalimar Garden, 1637 C.E. (Source: Flicker)

Lahore surely is the city of gardens, there are hundreds of small and big gardens in the city, some of them are as old as Shalimar Garden which opened in 1637. Some of the most famous and historical gardens in Lahore may include, Bagh-e-Jinnah, Hazuri Bagh, Jallo Park, Botanical Park, Race Course Park, Nair Bagh, etc.

8. Lahore, The Entertainment Capital Of Pakistan

Cinemas in Lahore
Cinemas in Lahore, Now And Then

Lahore hosts some of the best and as well as the oldest cinemas in Pakistan. Similarly, different theaters which play live dramas are an integral part of the Lahore life. World Performing Art Festival in Lahore is attracting artists and visitors from different parts of the world from last so many years.

9. Beautiful Road Infrastructure, Welcome To Modern Lahore

Ring Road Lahore
Ring Road Lahore (Source: Flicker)

The roads of Lahore are just beautiful. They are very well maintained, carpeted, covered with trees and green belts, they simply have all the ingredients of the 21st century. Lahore Metro Bus Services in state of the art bus services which runs through the whole city.

10. People of Lahore, Actual Reason Why Lahore Lahore A…

Zinda Dilan e Lahore
Zinda Dilan e Lahore (Source: Flicker)

Forget about all the other things about Lahore, its the people of Lahore who make this city as one of the best cities in the entire universe. People of Lahore also known as “Zinda Dilan e Lahore” knows how to live the life and how to enjoy the life. Cheers All The Lahories..

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