Titles That Suit The Most For Pakistani Politicians

If a common tea seller can be so famous that people remember him as a Chai Wala then why can’t our politicians?Pakistani politicians spend their entire life for the betterment of the country and countrymen (Mulk-o- Qume, what they say) but still we are so selfish that we have never done anything for them (expect from electing them again and again and again). So in order to remember and recognize and great work for Mulk-o-Qume , we have decided to give them titles , as per their personalities.

1- Dharny Wala

Imran Khan, Dharny Wala (Source: Pinterest)

The easiest title selection for a politician was for Imran Khan, The Dharny Wala. Though political protests are the integral parts of political systems in Pakistan, but it was Imran Khan who introduced the term “Dharna” (Sit-in) in Pakistani politics.

2- Panama Wala

Nawaz Sharif As Panama Wala (Source: Pinterest)

Yet another choice for the current Prime Minister of the country. Nawaz Sharif is active in politics from last 3 decades, and as it is common practice in Pakistan, people have given him a lot of titles but this Panama title will remain with him forever, doesn’t matter whether he is guilty or not.

3- Predictions Wala

Sheikh Sb As Predictions Wala (Source: Pinterest)

The current era of Pakistani politics can’t be completed without the inclusion of The Pindi Boy, Sheikh Rasheed. He is famous for his political predictions which he normally does on TV. “Qurbani Se Pehle Qurbani” was the latest and most famous prediction of Sheikh Sb.

4- Diesel Wala

Molana Sb as Disel Wala (Source: Pinterest)

Yet another easiest title selection for a politician. There are a lot of people in Pakistan who have never addressed Molana Fazul Ur Rehman with his real name.

5- Josh e Khitabat Wala

Shahbaz Sharif as Josh e khitabat wala (Source: Pinterest)

The current Cheif Minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif is well known for his josh e khitabat, where he committed almost impossible things during a public rally which later cause embarrassment for him as well as for the party. We’ll have enough electricity that we’ll import it to Modi Government” is his latest masterpiece of josh e khitabat.

6- 10% Commission Wala

Zardari Sb As Commission Wala (Source: Pinterest)

When BB was the Prime Minister of Pakistan, it was a common perception among the people that you can’t do any business or you can’t get any tender without offering 10% commission to her husband, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari. But it is also true that no such charges have been proved against him even putting him in jail for 12 years.

7- Degree Wala

Nawab Raeesani As Degree Wala (Source: Pinterest)

“Degree Degree Hoti Hai, Asli Ho Ya Nakli” how anyone can forget these legendary lines from the former Cheif Minister of Balochistan, Nawab Raeesani. If one has to pick the most trolled lines ever in the history of Pakistani Politics, these lines and Nawab Sb would right there at the top.

8- Silent Mode Wala

Mamnoon Hussain As Silent Mode Wala (Source: Pinterest)

The current President of Pakistan is always on a silent mode, expect on 23rd March parade. His silence is so famous in Pakistan that people have started comparing him with Charlie Chaplin. Well yes, We are also silent……

9- Chadar Wala

Mahmood Achakzai As Chadar Wala (Source: Pinterest)

Mahmood Khan Achakzai is the leader of Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party and he always hears a Chadar regardless of the season. Due to his controversial statements in the National Assembly, especially about AAfghanistan, people also love to troll him.

10- Pappi Wala

Altaf Hussain
Altaf Bhai As Pappi Wala (Source: Pinterest)

And finally comes the person who believes its good to be bad, and he does it quite intentionally. Altaf Bhai has been trolled so many times and for so many reasons that it was quite tough for us to choose a single title for him. “Aik Pappi Idhar…” “Pardhy Main Rehny Do…” are some of the most famous

PS: This article is published just for entertainment purposes only, we never intended to insult anyone.

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