These 10 Symptoms Confirm You Are in A Relationship

There is a very famous saying in sub-continent, “ishq mushq chupaye nahi chupta” which means if you are in a relationship it is impossible to hide it from others. In our culture, especially if you are a girl, it’s not a very good idea to share it with others that you are in a relation with someone. But love is the disease of feelings that no one can understand. Neither love can be prohibited nor can’t it be cured. Your actions will speak for yourself that you are in love with someone. Here are 10 symptoms which will speak on your behalf that you are actually dating someone.

1- Your Phone Will Remain With You All The Time

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In this modern world, 99% of love is smartphone based. Gone are days when “Kabutars” were used for communication. A single person can forget or place his phone anywhere in the house or in office, but if you are dating someone, your cellphone will remain very close to your heart, i.e. in your shirts front pocket.

2- It Will Be Password Protected, Even the Apps

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Not only the phone will be password protected but the applications like Messages, Whatsapp, Facebook, SnapChat and gallery will also be protected by strongest password ever.

3- You Will Shave, Twice a Day…. Every Day

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A single person may live without having a shave even for weeks but if you are in a relationship with someone, you will be very conscious about your looks.

4- You’ll Have All The Info of All The Call Packages

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A CRS is the one who has all the info on call packages, but his knowledge is limited to his company only. But if you are dating someone, you will have all the information about all the available call and SMS packages of all the companies. If any of your friend or family member needs any sort of information about these packages, they will contact you.

5- In Playlist, Honey Singh Will Be Replaced By M. Rafi


Muhammad Rafi, Lata, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, NFAK will be a few names which will be found in your playlist.  Atif Aslam or Yo Yo Honey Singh will no more a rock star for you.

6- FB Status Will Change From Kites To John Keats

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In order to impress your bae, you will post-romantic poetry and romantic status updates. Many think that other people of their friend list are mad or blind, but they are not. They are observing each and everything you are sharing on FB and having their guesses about your relationship.

7- Your Dressing Will Improve, No More Single Pair of Jeans


Perhaps the only good advantage of being in a relationship is that your dressing will be a lot better. People don’t need to see you in the same jeans for weeks now.

8- Sudden Mode Twists, From Good To Bad To Best



When you are in a relationship, everything is dependent upon the response of your bae. Even your mod is directly proportional to the texts of your bae. One good text will make your day and one bad will F**K your day as well.

9- Going Out of The Room To Attend a Call…


If you are going out of the room in order to attend a call, you have given a very clear signal to others that you are dating someone.

10- Even Pakistan Vs India Match Will Not Fascinate You


You will loose interest in any other activities, even Pakistan Vs India or Real Madrid Vs Barcelona match will not be an attractive thing for you anymore. Only people in a relationship can ignore such matches.


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