Some Strange But True Facts About Islamabad

When it comes to natural beauty, maintenance and wonderful geographical location, no other capital in the world can compete with Islamabad. Recently declared as the 2nd most beautiful capital in the world, Islamabad is one of the best cities to live in not only in Pakistan but also in the entire world. Surrounded by majestic Margalla Hills, it is a well planned and well-managed city. The beauty of the city has everything to offer which a person can even think of. Lush green hills, wide and beautiful roads, overhead bridges and underpasses, walking and hiking tracks, parks, lakes, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants ,mosques, churches, this small but wonderful has everything. Having said that, there are a lot of things which are either missing from Islamabad or there is something unusual about them. Here is a list of such things.

1. It Always Rains at the Night in Islamabad, Almost Always

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Islamabad receives a very good amount of rain every year, but for some strange reason, almost 90% of times,  it rains at night.  When Islamabadies went to sleep, suddenly it starts raining. Now whats the reason behind this late night rain, even Islamabadies don’t know but there are agreed that it’s a true fact.

2. No Airport in Islamabad

New Islamabad AirPort (Source: Pinterest)

Though named as Islamabad International Airport which later changed to Benazir Shaheed Airport, technically speaking this airport is situated in Rawalpindi.  The airport is about half an hour drive from the centre of city of Islamabad. A new, bigger and state of the art airport is its final stages of construction but again it is located in Fateh Jang, a surrounded area of Islamabad.

3. No Shopping Mall Before Centaurus

Centaurus Mall (Source: Twitter)

It is strange but true that before Centaurus, there wasn’t any shopping mall in Islamabad. Though some great shopping markets were there like Super Market and Jinnah Super Market but a proper shopping mall was missing. Centaurus shopping mall was first of its kind that is why it got instant recognition in the city and became the favourite shopping destination within a few days of its inauguration. But in the recent times, there are many shopping malls have been opened in Islamabad like Safa Gold Mall in Jinnah Supper and Awami Markaz in G-9 Markaz.

4. No Local Body Elections Before 2015

First Ever Local Bodies Elections in Islamabad, 2015 (Source: Pinterest)

In the year 2015, it was the first time in the history of Islamabad that Local Bodies Elections were held. It was for the first time that people of Islamabad selected their Counsellors, Chairmen, Deputy Mayor and Mayor. PLMN’s candidate Sheikh Ansar Aziz became the first ever mayor of Islamabad who held his meeting of Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation on June 27th, 2016. Before the selection of local body representatives, it was the CDA which was responsible for all sorts of maintenance work in Islamabad.

5. No Railway Station in Islamabad

Golra Railway Station (Source: Flicker)

Just like an airport, the railway station is also missing from Islamabad, people use the railway station of Rawalpindi, which is situated at Saddar Cantt. Though one station is there in Golra Sharif, but not all the trains stop there. But a very beautiful railway museum is there in Golra Sharif and mostly people go there to visit the museum.

6. No Late Night Activities In Islamabad

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Islamabad is not known for its late night activities. Most of the people who live in Islamabad are those who work for 9am – 6pm, so they can’t afford late night activities, something which is very common in other cities like Lahore and Karachi. This is the reason why people from other cities also call Islamabad as a “dead city”. So if you are coming to Islamabad and planning some late night dinner plans, you better reschedule your plans. But if you really want some late night dinner, there are some places in Rawalpindi like Bunny, Kashmiri Muhalla, Food Street at Double Road, Saddar and Kartarpura. Even Islamabadies prefer to go yo these places, especially on weekends.

7. No Cinema in Islamabad, until….

Atrium Cinema (5)-783629
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Earlier there were a few cinemas in Islamabad, Melody cinema in G6 and Nafdec Cinema in F6 being the most famous ones. But Nafdec Cinema was shut down because of the negligence of the government and Melody Cinema, which was only cinema in the city, later burnt during a protest in 2001.  So there was no cinema in the capital city from 2001 onwards until a private cinema opened in Centaurus Mall a couple of years ago.

8. Islamabad, Hosts a lot of Historical Places As Well

Caves of Shah Allah Ditta (Source: Pinterest)

For many people Islamabad is new and a modern city but not many people are aware of the fact that Islamabad also has a lot of historical places to offer for its visitors, there is well which was laid down by Alexander the Great. This well and the entire village is still there at Margalla Hills near Sector D12 of Islamabad.

9. No Cricket Stadium In Islamabad

Shalimar Cricket Ground, Islamabad (Source: Pinterest)

Though Islamabad hosts the biggest sports complex in Pakistan but it doesn’t have any international cricket stadium. Cricket being the most popular game in Pakistan has a lot of international stadiums but none of them is in Islamabad. The Twin city of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, once again comes to the rescue as an international cricket stadium is there which according to Former South African Skipper Hansie Cronje, is one the best stadiums in the world. But two extremely beautiful cricket grounds are there in Islamabad for domestic matches, Diamond Cricket ground and Shalimar Cricket Ground.

10 CDA, The biggest Civil Organization in Pakistan

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And finally, CDA or Capital Development Authority, the department which is responsible for the maintenance of the city is also the biggest civil administrative department of Pakistan in terms of the number of employees.

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