Road Trips And Desi Parents, 7 Most Common Habits

Long road trips are very interesting and adventurous. People love to go on long trips in order to enjoy their holidays, Road trips are also very common in Pakistan, there is hardly any family who haven’t visited Murree during summer vocations. But we tend to do funny or rather strange things while we are on a road trip. Here are some of things which each and every desi parent does when they are on a road trip.

1- No Music, No Trip

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When it comes to road trip, there is nothing as important as the music. In other countries, people may love to read books or magazines but talking about the desi people. music in just the ultimate thing.

2-  No need of Map

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Google Map may be a very useful thing in the west, but desi people trusts the local and shopkeepers most when they to ask the directions. Dear Google, din’t feel jealous please….

3- Ghar Ka Khana

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One night before the departure, Mama makes tiffin box of roti, sandwiches and alot of omelet. According to every desi Maa, there is no need to spend extra money on food from restaurants. You may also have to listen long lecture on how unhygienic food restaurant usually have.

4- Pillow and Blanket

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If music is the most important thing for the desi kids during a road trip then pillows and blankets are the essential part of a road trip for desi parents. There are multiple uses of these pillows, it can be used for back pain as well as for sleeping and resting purposes.

5-  Washroom Break on Every Filling Station

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In any other country of the world, filling stations are used for fulling purposes while in Pakistan they are used for washroom breaks. It is the duty of each and every family member to go to washroom on the filling station, does matter whether  you have the need to use it or not.

6- A Set of Water Cooler

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Just like “Ghar Ka Khana” Cooler Ka Pani is yet an other item which according to desi parents, should be there with you so that you can use it any time, any where and for any purposes.

7- A lot of Snakes & Chips

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And lastly there will be a huge stock of different sorts of chips and snakes. This is perhaps the only thing  on a road trip upon which desi parent fully cooperate with the kids and set a side their habit of “Bachat (saving)”

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