13 Problems You Only Can Understand If You Own A Car

When I was a young, I used to go to school on a bicycle. For me, the elder guys who had their bikes were the luckiest people on this planet earth. The time moves on and I enrolled myself in a college and my father gave me a motorbike as a gift. For next 2 years, I was the king of this world. But then I started to realize that bike is a good thing but it has a lot of disadvantages. At that time, the ultimate goal of my life was to get a car. Once had my very own car, first few years were fantastic and then I started to realize the disadvantages of owning a car. For me, if you don’t own a car, you are the lucky ones as it is actually a blessing in disguise. You don’t have to face hundreds of problems which otherwise you have because of your car.

1. Anybody Wants to Go to Market, You Are The Only Choice

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If someone wants to go to market, you have to drop them. So it doesn’t matter if its Sunday or Wednesday, you have to drop Bhai, Bahan, Ammi, Abu, Chacha, Chachi, Ye wali cousin, Wo wali cousin to market and then wait for them in the parking.

2. Friends Will Borrow Your Car for Their Date

friends drifitng

Then came your friends who could otherwise never called you but whenever they need a car for their dates, you will be their first option.

3. Any Outing Plan in Home or Office, Your Car Will be Used

freinds barrow

Any plan of outing, whether it’s in the office or at home, they will use your car. Even if you are not willing to go, no problem for them. You can take a rest but not your car.

4. You Have to Pick Your Phupho from Bus Stand

phupho pick
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Whether you like you Phupho or not, you have to pick her up from the Daewoo terminal because you own the car….

5. Whenever You Will be Short of Cash, Your Car Will Broken Down


Even our cars are smart enough, they will wait for the last days of the month, and once you are literally hand to mouth, they will simply refuse to start.

6. You Will Never Find a Good Mechanic

good machnic
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Even you are ready to invest in your car, you will never find a good mechanic who can satisfy you as find a good mechanic is like finding a good Bakra on Eid

7. Family Members Who Will Give Instructions While You Are Driving


There always be at least one family member of yours who will irritate you by nonstop and continuous instructions. Gari slow chalo being the most common instruction.

8. To Find a Parking Space is Difficult Then to Find a Sincere Girl Friend


This is the most common problem you will face on the daily basis if you own a car. And once you will find the spacce, somebody else will park there.

9. Whenever You Will Wash Your Car, It will Start Raining

car wash rain
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It a magic, there is some direct connection between your car wash and rain. 99% chances are, you have already being the victim of this relationship.

10. Long Wait at Traffic Signals…

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You will be furious when will you see bikers are standing at the front while you are at last of the long traffic queue.

11. Any Rishtaydar Wants to Learn Driving, You & Your Car Will be at Their Disposal

learning 2

Even your dor ka rishtaydar wants to learn how to drive, you not only have to provide them your services but also your car. For them, driving schools don’t exist.

12. You’ve To Deal With Whipper Cleaner on Daily Basis


Imagine you are coming back from office after a tough day and then you have to deal with a guy who will suddenly appear from somewhere while you are waiting at traffic signal and start whipping your main screen

13. You Will always Look For Something Better

never satisfied
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Last but not the least, you will never satisfy with your existing car and always look for something better, something new.

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