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Pindi Boys Vs Rest of The World

It doesn’t matter in which part of the country you live, you must have heard about the term “Pindi Boys”.  Initially, it was thought that this term was used to differentiate between Islamabad boys and Pindi Boys. But over the past few years, this term has evolved so much that it has become a complete phenomenon now. Here are the things which no one can do better than Pindi Boys,

1- Pindi Boys Are The Boss in “Velli” 

Pindi Boys and One Wheeling
Pindi Boys and One Wheeling (Source: Pinterest)

“Raja G…. Velli Kar So” a signature question of every Pindi Boy on weekends and occasions like 14 August, New Year Night etc. One wheeling on Murree Road and that’s too without a silencer, Oh You Pindi Boyes…..

2- Pindi Boys Are Ph.D. in Poondi

Pindi Boys and Poondi
Pindi Boys and Poondi (Source: Pinterest)

Though Poondi is a national game of our youth but Pindi Boys have taken it to a next level. A Pindi Boy who has the best Poondi skills, locally knows as “Bou Harami Zakut”

3- Only Pindi Boys Can Do Drift on Mehran

Pindi Boys and Drifting
Pindi Boys and Drifting ( Source: Pinterest)

While kids have to modify their expensive cars for drifting, Pindi Boys can do “Drifta” even on a Mehran car like a Pro.

4- Phad’da & Pindi Boys, An Eternal Relationship


Islamabdies are fond of expensive cars, Lahoreies are fond of food, karachities are fond of gutka and Pindi Boys are fond of Phad’da. “Raja G  Phad’da hoi gya” and Pindi Boys are ready to fight.

5- Andy Wala Burger is The National Food of Pindi Boys

Pindi Boys and Andy Wala Buger
Pindi Boys and Andy Wala Burger (Source: Flicker)

To choose between Andy wala burger and Savor Food is the most difficult thing to decide for Pindi Boys.

6- Pindi Boys & Shocking Red Shirt

Pindi Boys and Andy Wala Buger
Pindi Boys and Andy Wala Burger (Source: Facebook)

When it comes to dressing, nobody can match or beat the aesthetic sense of a Pidi Boy. While selecting a shirt, they choose a one which can clearly reveal their chest hairs.

7- Pindi Boys & Centaurus, Seriously Funny Relation

Pindi Boys and Centaurus
Pindi Boys and Centaurus

“Raja G, Centaurus ja so” Only Pindi Boys can use a shopping mall for all the activities other than shopping. It is just because of them that the management for the mall is always on their feet.

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