Pathans Are The Real Asset of Pakistan, Here Are 10 Proofs

Due to their bravery, hospitality, and patriotism, Pathans have served Pakistan more than anybody else. They are the real asset of our country. No matters how many jokes we may crack on them, it is the fact that when it comes to patriotism, Pathans are second to none. Pathans have set such high standards of patriotism which are hard to beat. This is the reason why there is a never-ending list of Pathans who have speared the name of Pakistan all across the globe. Though it is impossible to mention all of them, here are some of the most famous Pathans who are the heroes of our Pakistan,

1. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, Scientist

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan
Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan (Source: Pinterest)

The Father of Pakistani Atomic Bomb, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan along with other scientists successfully completed the uranium enrichment program. It is because of him and his team that we are the first Islamic Nuclear Power in the world.

2. Jahangir Khan, Sportsman

Jahangir Khan
Jahangir Khan (Source: Pinterest)

Perhaps the best athlete this world has ever seen, Jahangir Khan is a Pathan who remained unbeatable for almost 8 years. Talking about the number of matches, he played 555 matches consecutively in which he remained unbeatable. In his 556th match, Jahangir Khan was finally beaten by another Pathan and his name is……..

3. Jansher Khan, Sportsman

Jansher Khan
Jansher Khan (Source: Pinterest)

Yet another Pathan who made the entire Pakistan proud all around the globe, Jansher Khan won Squash World Open for record 8 times and British Open for 6 times.

4. Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed, Solider

Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed
Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed (Source: Pinterest)

Live like a soldier, die like a soldier, Capt. Karnal Sher Khan was a real life “Sher” of Pakistan Army who proved that when it comes to bravery, Pathans are just unmatchable. He sacrificed his life during the Kargil war in 1999 and awarded with the highest military award of Pakistan, Nishan-e-Haider.

5. Javed Afridi, Businessman

Javed Afridi
Javed Afridi (Source: Pinterest)

Cousin of Shahid Afridi, Javed Afridi is a very successful business as well. Currently the CEO of Haier Pakistan and owner of Peshawar Zalmi team in PSL, he has promoted and sponsored many sports events in Pakistan. Some people also call him the Sponsor King of Pakistan cricket.

6. Ahmed Faraz, Poet

Ahmed Faraz
Ahmed Faraz (Source: Pinterest)

Syed Ahmed Shah, famously known as Ahmed Faraz, who born in Kohat KPK, is considered as one of the most famous and best poets during the last century. His unique, simple and romantic style of writing has made him popular all across the globe.

7. Rangeela, Comedian

Rangeela (Source: Pinterest)

Saeed Khan AKA Rangeela is one of the best and finest comedians this world has ever seen. Born in Parachinar in 1937, Rangeela is such a legend that even present day comedian feel it proud to copy his style of acting.

  8. Qavi Khan, Actor

Qavi Khan
Qavi Khan (Source: Pinterest)

The most versatile actor in the history of Pakistan TV is also a Pathan, The Great Qavi Khan. Worked in more than 200 films and countless TV dramas, Qavi Khan is a living legend.

9. Gul Panra, Singer

Gul Panra
Gul Panra (Source: Pinterest)

Talking about the Pathans and their services for Pakistan, Pathan women are not far behind from the men. Gul Parna spread the soft image of Pakistan in the different parts of the world through her singing.

10. Shahid Khan Afridi, The Boom Boom

Shahid Khan Afridi
Shahid Khan Afridi (Source: Pinterest)

Talking about the Pathans, how one can forget Shahid Kahn Afridi, perhaps the most famous cricketer in the whole cricketing word. For Shahid Afridi, we can only say, “Nam Hi Kafi Hai”

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3 thoughts on “Pathans Are The Real Asset of Pakistan, Here Are 10 Proofs

    […] It doesn't matter how many jokes we crack on Pathans, but the fact is, they are the real asset of Pakistan. Services of Pathans for Pakistan is unmatchable  […]


    (December 19, 2016 - 8:10 AM)

    Kind for your information Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is not pathan, he belong to Urdu family,( Bhopal India).
    Not every khan is pathan.


      (December 20, 2016 - 1:48 PM)

      Thanks Sheikh Sb for your comment. We have rechecked it from the sources like Wikipedia, which says, “Khan was born in 1936 in Bhopal, British India, into an Urdu-speaking family who were originally ethnic Pashtun………….”
      But we will dig it deep. Thanks once again.

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