Most Interesting Plans Of Pakistanis For 2017

Thank God 2016 is finally over now. It was the worst year in a way that we have lost a lot of people in this year,  Junaid Jamshed, Edhi Sb, Muhammad Ali, Amjad Sabri to name a few. But it’s a new year now, a new beginning, a fresh start. People of Pakistan have a lot of new plans for the year 2017. As we hardly keep calm and do normal things, our new year plans are also not normal. Here are a few most interesting plans of Pakistani nation for 2k17.

It’s Already Our Nation Game


He is going to be the “Watchman” Of The Year


We Are Like Rocket, Not Our Aim is Sky But We Only Work When Our Tail is on Fire


This Is What We Are Doing From Last 70 Years, Isn’t it?


This Man Deserves a Nishan-e-Haider


Wallah, Ya Habibi


Sir Focus on a single “Target “Otherwise You’ll Remain Kanwara


Hay Allah, Tumhary Ghar Main Baap Bhai Nai Hain


Arey Bhai Kehna Kya Chahate Ho


A Boy with a Fake Girl ID wants to Get Rid of Fake People, Bravo


It’s Almost Impossible To Forget The Services of This Man


Umeed Pe Duniya Kayam Hai Dost


It’s Mission Impossible


Let me introduce You The Meera G of 2017


Isn’t It Our National Hobby?


This is My Personal Favorite

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