Let’s Discover The Undiscovered Paradise Called Balochistan

Pakistan has no shortage of beautiful areas but when it comes to one area where not only nature has a lot to offer, but the people of that area are also great, then it can’t be any other place but Balochistan. Blessed with thousands of breathtaking scenes, Balochistan is the undiscovered paradise which is yet to be discovered. People of Balochistan are so patriotic, energetic, honest, hardworking and full of life, Hospitality is just in their blood. Here are some of the pictures from Balochistan which will drop your jaw with exciting.

1- Quetta, The Fruit Garden Of Pakistan

Quetta Valley
Quetta Valley (Source: BalochParadise)

The provincial capital of Balochistan, Quetta is not only one of the most attractive and beautiful city of Balochistan but of entire Pakistan as well. Quetta is famous for many things like production of dry fruit, it’s demographics and georaphics, climate and earthquake of 1935.

2- Gondrani, AKA The Cave City

Gondrani, The Cave City.
Gondrani, The Cave City (Source: Pinterest )

One of the most mysterious places in Balochistan, the beautiful caves of Gondrani situated in Lasbella district. Nobody knows who built these caves and who used to live in these caves which make this place even more inexplicable. These caves are locally known as Purany Ghar. 

3- Astola Island, Can be Compared With Any Island in World

Astola Island
Astola Island (Source: BalochParadise)

The most undiscovered gem in entire Pakistan, Astola Island has no comparison when it comes to the beauty of both fauna and flora. A perfect place for sea diving, this island is the natural habitat of countless underwater creatures.

4- Takht-e-Suleiman, A Place Above The Clouds

Takht-e-Suleiman (Source: Twitter )

Locally also known as Koh e Suleiman, this is beautiful place is situated near the Zhob district of Balochistan. A beautiful tourist attraction place, there are a lot of legends are associated with this mountainous range.

5- Gwadar, Deepest Sea Port in The World

Gwadar City during Night
Gwadar City during Night (Source: Pinterest)

World deepest sea port is also situated in Balochistan. Gwadar is the future gateway of the world because of its geographic location. Gwadar has become the centre of economic of the world because of CPEC but not many people are aware of the fact that it is a wonderful place of tourism as well.

6- Bolan, The Central Part of Balochistan

A Railway Tunnel, Bolan Balochistan
A Railway Tunnel, Bolan Balochistan

This is the central part of Balochistan and known for its bridges and railway tunnels. There are more than 20 tunnels in this region through which a train passes on its way to Quetta.

7- Deserts of Noshki, Yes Balochistan Do Has Deserts

Deserts of Noshki
Deserts of Noshki (Source: BalochParadise)

It’s a surprise for many people even in Pakistan but it’s a reality that the beautiful land of Balochistan is such diverse that it actually do have a dessert range as well. The fact which differentiates this dessert range from any other range in the world that it is situated almost 3000ft above the sea level.

8- Peer-Ghaib Waterfalls, Truly a Dream Land

Peer-Ghaib Waterfalls
Peer-Ghaib Waterfalls (Source: BalochParadise)

Situated on Sibbi road, almost 70KM from Quetta, these waterfalls are among the most favourite tourist attraction for the local Balochs. People from all around Pakistan came to visit them and enjoy a session of swimming here.

9- Miri Fort, Quetta

miri fort
miri fort (Source: Pinterest)

Yet another beautiful and historical place about which not many people are aware of. Situated in the Quetta Cantt, this fort also has a small museum which highlights the evolution of Baloch culture in the region.

10- Balochistan, Home of Many Beaches

Daran Beach,Balochistan
Daran Beach (Source: BalochParadise)

Balochistan is the house of more than 10 beautiful beaches. Some of the most famous beaches may include Daran Beach, Gwadar Beach, Kund Malir Beach, Gadani beach, Lasbella Beach, Zareen Beach.

11- Ziarat, A Valley Close To Heart of Every Pakistani

Ziarat Snowfall
Ziarat after Snowfall (Source: Instagram)

Perhaps the most famous place in entire Balochistan. The beautiful valley of Ziarat is not only a highly attractive place for the visitors, but it is also the place where Quaid-e-Azam spent last days of his life. Pakistanis from all around the world came to visit the Quaid Residency in Ziarat.

12- Makran Coastal Highway, Most Romantic Highway in the Region

makran coastal highway
Makran Coastal Highway (Source: Pinterest)

Makran Coastal Highway which connects province of Sindh with Balochistan, this is such a wonderful highway that you just want to keep on driving and driving and driving.

13- Mud Volcano, Hingol National Park

 mud volcano
Chandragup active mud volcano (Source: Instagram)

Yet another surprise by Balochistan, in the Hingol National Park, there are situated many Chandragup active mud volcanos. Hingol National Park is itself a wonderful place to visit but the presence of these volcanos have made it a must-visit place if you are a traveller.

14- Hanna Lake, The Crown of Balochistan

Hanna Lake
Hanna Lake (Source: BalochParadise)

The most famous lake in entire Balochistan, Hanna Lake near Quetta receives hundreds of visitors on daily basis. In summers, tourist enjoys boating in this lake while during winters, this lake covers with snow.

15- Moola waterfalls, Picnic Point in Khuzdar

Moola waterfalls,
Moola waterfalls, Khuzdar (Source: Instagram)

And finally Moola waterfalls, Picnic point Moola Chottok Khuzdar welcomes his visitors with crystal clear water and beautiful mountains.


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