Football Vs Cricket, Which One is Better

Everybody is suffering from cricket fever these days.  But remember there was Euro Cup of football a few months ago and every second Pakistan was glued to TV late at nights even Pakistani Team was not participating. Isn’t it the real passion? You still love the game when your home team is not participating.  Now the real question here is, do we really love cricket as it is a wonderful game or we love it because we don’t have any other option?  Why don’t we try to establish and invest in some other games apart from cricket? Football can be the best option. Here are some of the reasons wy football is much better than cricket.

1. Rain Stops a Cricket Match but Doubles the Joy in Football

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When it rains during a cricket match,  don’t know why every player sprinted towards the dressing room. Even when the rain stops, still, you can’t start the match as the outfield is wet. But the scenario is totally opposite in football. Snowfall can stop a football match, let alone innocent rain.

2. Field for All Day, Out on First Ball, Game Over

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There is every possibility that you may field for the whole day, and once you came out for batting, you may get out on the very first ball.  Seriously… Now all you can do is to still in the dressing room and watch your teammates playing. But there isn’t anything like this in football, every player has the same opportunity to participate and enjoy the game.

3. Umpiring Errors Can be Recovered in Football Not in Cricket

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Errors and mistakes at the end of the referee/ umpire are indeed part of the game, but in football, the errors are recoverable not in cricket. Imagine you have been mistakenly given out by the umpire, what you can do now? NOTHING. But in football, the worst the referee can do is to award a plenty to the other team. you still have the time to score a goal.

4. Home Advantage is Spoiling the Game of Cricket

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The reason why cricket is not becoming famous worldwide is because of this “Home Advantage” How can you claim it a fair game when you are preparing the pitches according to your strengths and opposition’s weaknesses? While in football you don’t have such luxuries, you can only win the match if you are better than you are opposition not because you are playing at HOME.

5. A Lot of Things to Consider to Start a Cricket Match

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There are too many things to taken care of in order to start and play a cricket match. The Match can be stopped just because somebody is walking behind the bowler or the side screen is not adjusted. While there is no such bull Sh** in football. All you need is a ball, 22 players and that’s it.

6. When it Comes to Money, Football Has No Comparison at all.

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It’s all about money these days, nobody can ignore its importance. Players are more professionals these days than ever before. And when it comes to money, football has a lot more money to offer than cricket. Infect footballers like Ronaldo or Messi are amongst the richest athletes in the world.

7. So Many Rules Are there in Cricket, as Complex as Algebra

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There are so many rules are involved in cricket that not even many cricketers can remember them all. Is there anybody who can explain what the hell in this D&L Method in cricket and how to calculate it? In football, the rules are simple, score more goals than your opposition and win the match.

8. All the World Will be Your if You are a Good Footballer

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There are only 9 countries in the world that play cricket while there are 196 out of 196 countries which play football. It means if are a good footballer, the whole world will know your name, unlike cricket where your fan base will be so limited. Remember when Maria Sharapova said, “Who is Sachin?”

9. No Result Even After 5 Days, Are You Serious

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After playing continuous cricket for 5 days, YES 5 DAYS, there is every possibility that match may end as DRAW. Can you imagine this, you are playing for 5 days for no result. On the other hand,  just play for 90 minutes and that’s it.

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