Everything You Need To Know About This Chai Wala

Every Since Jiah Ali has shared the picture of a random Chai Wala (Tea Boy) on her social media accounts, the whole world has just gone crazy by the looks of this Chai Wala, especially his blue eyes are just so mesmerizing. Looks like Pakistanis have forgotten about the issues like PTI Vs PLMN, load shedding, Pakistan’s batting collapse in the second inning etc and all they want is to know Kon Hai Ye Chai Wala, Kahan Hai Ye Chai Wala. This is how different people reacted when they saw the pic of this Chai Wala

He is “Momina Mustehsan” of Pakistani Girls….


We Just Can’t Miss a Chance To Troll Our Neighbors, Do We


His Looks Have Turned a Few Into A Secret Agent


Some Are Pretending As If They Are Not Effected By Him


This Guy Is A True Enemy of Both Girls And Boys


Ohhh, His Charms Have Reached Across The Border As Well


Even Across China Or Japan Or Korea Or Whatever The Country Is


Karachi Walo, Ye Main Kiya Sun Raha Hon….

A Few Have Considered Him A Weapon of Mass Distraction


While For Others, He is An Ambassador Of Peace


But When Someone Tried To Troll Him……


Only A True Chai Lover Can Think of it, Bravo To Your First Love,


Arry Bhai… Kehna Kiya Chah Rahy Ho


Now That’s A Typical Pakistan Thinking 🙂



On a serious note, each and every individual is handsome, smart, attractive, good looking and dashing in his own capacity. And Hats off to you Javeria Ali for capturing such a masterpiece



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