Cricketers Try To Copy Pindi Boys

Pindi Boyses has become quite a phenomenon these days. They are so confident these days that one of my friends who is a Pindi Boy told me that there is much common between the term Pindi Boys and Pakistan Resolution. For my utmost shock, he explained that this term was used to discriminate Pindi Boys from Islamabadies. We took it as a challenge and now everybody wants to be a Pindi Boy. Similarly, the Term Pakistan was actually Lahore Resolution but Hindus of that time, in order to tease Muslims, started saying it as Pakistan Resolution. Muslim took it as a challenge and Lahore Resolution becomes Pakistani Resolution. The story is not finished yet. In order to prove his point that everybody wants to be a Pindi Boy, he gave me examples of some of the cricketers. Have a look here,  

Chris Gayle Abbassi, The Pindi Boy With His Uncles New Car

Source: Instagram

That is how Pindi Boys took a picture when their dor kay uncle came to visit them with his brand new car. They took the selfies with the car and post it on Facebook without any caption so that their friends keep on guessing about the ownership of the car.

Raja Virender Sehwag, With the Favorite “Toy” of Pindi Boys

Source: Facebook

The popularity of Pindi Boys has crossed the border, the famous Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag also tried to copy Pindi Boys. That is how Pindi Boys took a selfie with the gun, with a caption, something like “With my Favorite Toy” or “New Toy in The House”

Umer Akmal, In Typical Pindi Boys Hair Style

Source: Pinterest

This is the hairstyle whose rights are reserved with Pindi Boys. A very common hair style of Pindi Boys especially when they go to visit Murree on bikes.

Selfie Style of Pindi Boys When They Go to Murree or Centaurus

Source: Facebook

Yuvi and Bajji thought that nobody will notice, but that is how Pindi Boys took the selfies when they go to Murree or Centaurus mall over the weekends.

Dale Steyn Satti, As If he is a Pindi Boys on Murree Road

Source: Twitter

Dale Steyn hasn’t visited Pakistan in the recent times but looks like he is following the Pindi Boys over internet and here is he uploaded a picture on his facebook with the caption “Dale Steyn Satti on Murree Road ”

Andrew Flintoff Chohan, a Kissing Selfie Like Pindi Boys

Source: Twitter

This is how a Pindi Boy send a good night kiss to his girlfriend and Mr. Flintof is doing exactly the same. He can be a coolest Pindi Boy as he has chest hairs as well.

Even Waseem Bhai and Bhabhi are Trying Their Luck Too

Source: Google

Forget about the others, when you see people like Waseem Bhai and our gori Bhabhi are trying their level best to look like Pindi Boys, one should understand the real power of Pindi Boys.

Mitchell Johnson Rao, A Pindi Boy Who Run a Transport Business

Source: Cricinfo

Whenever a Pindi Boy run a transport business or becomes a property agent, he grows a big mustache and looks like Aussies pacer is also thinking of doing something same in Australia after his retirement.

Kevin Pietersen, Pindi Boy Going to Attend a Party

Source: Pinterest

Looks like KP is also going to attend the Mehndi function of his friend in Pindi Boys style. A signature hairstyle of Pindi Boys for a function.

Dale Steyn, When Pindi Boys Heard “Phad’da ho gya hai”

Source: Twitter

This is how Pindi Boys react when they receive a call from their friends, “Oye Tiyar Ho Ja, Phad’da Ho Gya aa, Saddar Pounch Ja”. 

And Finally India Team Try to Do Poondi In Pindi Boys Style

Source: Facebook

Looks like Indian are very impressed with the Pindi Boys, they try to copy each and everything of Pindi Boys. A trademark habit of Pindi Boys when they

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