These Aerial Pics of Islamabad Will Blow Your Mind

Islamabad is surely the best and most beautiful city in Pakistan. There is a famous saying about the city that once you will in Islamabad, you can’t live in anywhere else. Islamabad is a love, it’s an addiction. The weather, greenery, roads, facilities, rain, margalla hills, Shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, sports ground, you just name […]


10 Things Which Surly Make Lahore The Best City In World

Lahore, Lahore A… Jine Lahore Nai Takia Jamya Nai…. Lahore is the cultural capital of Pakitan….. There are hundreds of such saying about Lahore, and the best part is, all of them are true. Lahore is such a wonderful piece of land that it remained the cultural, educational, political and traditional hub even before the creation of Pakistan. […]

Chaska Party

12 Things You Can’t Find in Islamabad Anymore

The beautiful city of Islamabad has also seen a lot of changes in its short life so far. When the capital was shifted from Karachi to Islamabad, people were not willing to shift here as it was mere a jungle for them. But after the evolution of just 15-20 years, its the time when people are […]

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7 Most Beautiful Colleges in Pakistan

John Keats very right said, “A Thing of Beauty is Joy Forever ” One just can’t ignore the importance of beauty, each single of us want to look beautiful and want to be surrounded by beautiful things. Then why we ignore the importance of this factor while selecting an educationals institute for us?  How many […]


10 Places in Pakistan Which One Should Visit Before He Gets Married

Pakistan is truly a myth for many people, especially for those whose knowledge is “media based”. Forget about the foreigners, even many Pakistanis don’t know about the actual colours of Pakistan. Blessed with four seasons, mountains, rivers, glaciers, desert, waterfalls, ancient history, you just name it and that is here in Pakistan. Provided a peaceful […]

Karomber Lake

18 Beautiful But Relatively Less Famous Lakes in Pakistan

Pakistan is among the most beautiful countries of the world, without even a second thought. God has provided everything to this country. In our another post about 10 most beautiful places is Pakistan, we have covered some highly popular and wonderful tourist attractions in Pakistan. But in this post, we are covering the lakes in […]