Reaction of International Cricketers After Pakistan Marches to Semi Final

There are three things which,are certain in life, Tax, Death and unpredictability of Pakistan Cricket Team. Infect someone very rightly said that even the unpredictability of Pakistan cricket in unpredictable. This is exactly what happened during the ongoing Champions League. Performance of team was just miserable when they lost to India. Everybody was criticizing them […]


10 Unforgettable Moments of Younis Khan Career [Videos]

Today is a sad day as far Pakistan cricket is concerned. One of the finest test cricketers in the world and definitely Pakistan’s modern day legend, Younis Khan is finally retiring from International Cricket today. After making his test debut back in 1999, Younis Khan established himself as a backbone of Pakistani batting lineup ever […]


10 Unforgettable Moments of PSL Final in Lahore

After a lot of drama, suspense, doubts, yes, no, maybe, finally the decision was taken that the Final of PSL will be played in Lahore. As soon as this news breaks out, it was like an Eid in Pakistan. Everybody was talking about the match, everybody was praying for successful completion of the match so that doors […]

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10 Most Memorable Fast Bowling Spells by Pakistanis

Pakistan is always known for producing world class fast bowlers, as it’s an obsession in Pakistan. During the early days of its cricket, Pakistan got some brilliant fast bowlers like Fazal Mahmood, Khan Mohammad and Mohammad Husain. But the golden days of Pakistani fast bowling began in the mid of 70,s when Imran khan and […]


10 Cricket Records Which Are Impossible to Break

Someone has very said, records are meant to be broken. But at the same time, there are some crickets records which have hard to break if not impossible. Cricket is such a wonderful game that involves so many states and records which make the game even more interesting. Cricket has produced so many legends of […]


5 Cricket Matches Which Pakistanis Can Never Forget

In other countries, cricket is just a game like so many other games. But here in Pakistan, cricket is something more than just a game, its a passion, it’s like a religion, it’s a way of life. Cricket is something which unites the entire nation, from Karachi to Khyber. Whenever Pakistan Cricket Team wins an […]


Football Vs Cricket, Which One is Better

Everybody is suffering from cricket fever these days.  But remember there was Euro Cup of football a few months ago and every second Pakistan was glued to TV late at nights even Pakistani Team was not participating. Isn’t it the real passion? You still love the game when your home team is not participating.  Now […]


List of Tennis Players Who Can be The Next Bond Girl

Who doesn’t like 007 series? Movie lovers always wait for the new release of this series. It is such a wonderful movie that each and every character is important, whether it’s M or Q or Moneypenny. But there is one character which is as important and vital as James Bond and that is Bond Girl, the […]