10 Types of Husbands You Can Find in Pakistan

As we heard commonly that ‘sare mard aik jese hote hai’, in real they are not. Yes, before marriage all men are same like a typical routine outing with friends and girls related talks and interest. But after marriage, you will find the variety of men in terms of a husband. 1- Befikre Husband, Apni Duniya Main […]


10 Reasons Why Its Better To Be a Boy Than Girl

Last week, we published an article titled as 10 Reasons Why Its Better To Be a Girl Than Boy. Some of our female readers, infect a lot of them, took it to their heart. Some of them took even one step further and sent us the replays of that article. We have chosen one article […]


10 Reasons Why Its Better To Be a Girl Than Boy

Many people in Pakistan think that we have a male dominated society where males enjoy most of the powers. There are countless NGOs in Pakistan which are working for the rights of women. Then there are many feminists for whom a woman is the most compressed creation in Pakistan. They want equal rights for women but […]

11 Occasions When Badtameezi Becomes Farz

We can tolerate anything but badtameezi. “Tumhary Maa Baap nay tumay Tameez nai sikhai“ is the most famous dialogue when we get really angry with someone. But the situation doesn’t remain the same all the time. Sometimes you have to become badtameez in order to survive in a particular situation. It’s simply survival of the fitness, the more badtameez you are, the more chances are […]