Road Trips And Desi Parents, 7 Most Common Habits

Long road trips are very interesting and adventurous. People love to go on long trips in order to enjoy their holidays, Road trips are also very common in Pakistan, there is hardly any family who haven’t visited Murree during summer vocations. But we tend to do funny or rather strange things while we are on […]


5 Things Which Are Spoiling the Image of Pakistan

Pakistan is a beautiful country blessed with talented people. We have four seasons, natural resource, Glaciers, deserts,  world deepest sea port, world highest mountain range and thousands of things to be proud of. But unfortunately, Pakistan is not known for these things internationally. There are some serious reasons which are spoiling Pakistan’s image. 1- Terrorism, Pakistan’s […]

Tibetan Mastiff

10 Most Dangerous And Aggressive Dogs in The World

Dogs are the most favorite pets all around the globe. There are many cities in the world where dog population is more than the human population. Paris is one fine example where there are around 2.5 Million humans but 3.5 Million dogs. But which dog breed is the most dangerous and aggressive breed in the […]


Pathans Are The Real Asset of Pakistan, Here Are 10 Proofs

Due to their bravery, hospitality, and patriotism, Pathans have served Pakistan more than anybody else. They are the real asset of our country. No matters how many jokes we may crack on them, it is the fact that when it comes to patriotism, Pathans are second to none. Pathans have set such high standards of patriotism […]


7 Reason Why Pakistani Dramas are Better Than Indian Dramas

We all know about SRK, Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif etc but can we name even a single actor or actress from Indian dramas? No, because we hardly follow the Indian Dramas here in Pakistan. Because of its excellent story, better acting, and wonderful production, Pakistani dramas are equally famous across the border. Infect Pakistani dramas […]

Momina Mustehsan

10 Marriages In Pakistan Which Broke Many Hearts

Momina Mustehsan instantly became the national crush of Pakistani youth when she made her appearance in song Afreen Afreen in Coke Studio Season 9. Leave alone the boys, she was the hottest topic of discussion for many girls also. Then suddenly her pictures with Ali Zafar’s younger brother became viral on social media and everybody started […]


10 Things Which Only Ravians Can Understand

Every college has its own traditions, culture, history, and norms. And when it comes to culture and traditions, there is hardly any college in entire sub-continent which can match the legacy of Government College Lahore, Now called as Government College University Lahore, since 2002. A history of more than 150 years at its back, only […]