7 Reasons Why Mehran AKA Boss is The Most Common Car In Pakistan

There is hardly any driver in Pakistan who hasn’t driven Mehran at least once in his life. It is such a popular car in Pakistan that people also call it “The Boss” and nobody can simply mess with it. From Karachi to Khyber, from the plain lands of Punjab and to the mountainous ranges of GB […]


10 Most Common Lies in Pakistan

There is no match of Pakistanis when it comes to creativity and this creativity is at its peak when it comes to lying. We create new lies after every day, sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. But there are some lies which are common among all types of Pakistanis regardless of their gender, class, education and […]


Everything You Need To Know About This Chai Wala

Every Since Jiah Ali has shared the picture of a random Chai Wala (Tea Boy) on her social media accounts, the whole world has just gone crazy by the looks of this Chai Wala, especially his blue eyes are just so mesmerizing. Looks like Pakistanis have forgotten about the issues like PTI Vs PLMN, load […]