Beauty of Nazia Hassan Was Just From Other Planet, Have a Look

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, it was very uncommon for a Pakistani girl even to go to college. But at the same time, there was a girl who decided to rule the world and within no time, she was the Queen of Pop of South Aisa. That girl was none other than Nazia Hassan. Along with her powerful voice, her innocent face was also the main reason for her success in a very short span of time.  Even more than 17 years after her death, she considers as one of the most beautiful ladies. Let’s have a look.

Nazia Hassan As A Child

Childhood Pic of Nazia Hassan
Childhood Pic of Nazia Hassan

Signing Autograph For Her Fans

Nazia Hassan
Nazia Hassan (Source: Flicker)

Even at the peak of her career, just look at the innocence and smile of her face. No arrogance, no attitude, just a warm and friendly smile.

Enjoying Her Meal

Nazia Hassan
Nazia Hassan (Source: Pinterest)

Hardly any makeup, still her face is bright and full of life. Oh, Nazia your beauty and innocence will be missed for ever and ever.

During The Later Half of Her Life

Nazia Hassan
Nazia Hassan (Source: Pinterest)

Even with the age, she looked more sober, decent, graceful and attractive. But her innocence remained with her till the last day of her life.

Just Have a Look at Her Innocence

Nazia Hassan
Nazia Hassan (Source: Flicker)

And Again

Nazia Hassan
Nazia Hassan (Source: Twitter)

She was truly a fairy, an imaginary character from a fairy tale who honored this world by her brief on this planet.

With Her Brother On An Outdoor Shoot

Nazia Hassan & Zoheb Hassan
Nazia Hassan & Zoheb Hassan (Source: Pinterest)

Nazia and Zoheb were not only brother and sister but they were the best friends. Every girl in sub continent wants to have a brother like Zoheb and every boy wants a sister like Nazia.

Singing Her Famous Song, Disco Deewane

Nazia Hassan
Nazia Hassan (Source: Pinterest)

Nazia Hassan emerged as one of the most famous celebrities from sub continent and she was also the first Pakistani pop star whose songs topped the British Hits.

Nazia Hassan As A Bride

Nazia Hassan as Bride
Nazia Hassan as Bride (Source: Facebook)

Nazia Married to a businessman on 30th March 1995 in Karachi, Pakistan. She is the prettiest bride till date.

Nazia Hassan With His Husband

Nazia Hassan & Her Husband
Nazia Hassan & Her Husband (Source: Pinterest)

Mirza Ishtiaq Baig, Husband of Nazia Hassan, both the couple has a son and they divorced just 10 days before the death of Nazia Hassan,

And Her Final Destination……

nazia hassan grave
Nazia Hassan grave (Source: Pinterest)

At a very young age of 35, she left this world after she lost her life to lung cancer on 13 August 2000.

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