9 Things Which Can Disappear Right in Front of Your Eyes

We all have heard that famous childhood stories where a person (It was Umro Ayar, I guess) owned a magical cap called Sulemani Topi. We all had a desire, somewhere deep inside our hearts, to own that cap. Every child wanted to have that cap so that he may wear the cap and entered into any toy shop or chocolate shop unnoticed and steal anything he liked. Nobody knows whether this Sulemani Topi is real or fake, but there are actually many things in our houses which have exactly the same power which Sulemani Topi possessed. Whenever we need these things, they wear the Sulemani Topi and disappeared right in front of our eyes.

1. TV Remote, Whenever You Want to Change the Channel, It’ll Disappear

Source: Tumblr

Whenever you need the TV remote to change the channel or for any reason, it will simply disappear. You will swear that it was right there a few seconds ago but not anymore.

2. Dad’s Reading Glasses, A Thing Which Disappears Every Other Hour

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As soon as your dad asks for his read glasses, it will disappear not from your house but from planet earth. Do whatever you can or want to do, you can never find them.

3. Nail Cutter, It’ll Disappear as Soon as You Need to Use it

nail cutter
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If you  don’t need it, you will find it everywhere. Sit on the sofa, it will be there, open the draw to find something, it will be there. but as soon as you need it the most, it will disappear.

4. Mobile Charger, Worlds’ Most Searchable Thing.

Source: Tumblr

Somehow mobile chargers detect the signals from the phone battery, as soon as it goes down to 10%, a mobile charger will wear the Sulemani Topi and will disappear for at least an hour.

5. Cat, You Can Only Understand It If You Own a Cat

Source: Tumblr

Only those people can understand it who own a cat that their cat also has this supernatural ability to wear Sulemani Topi.

6. Other Pair Of The Shocks, Specially When You are already Late From The Office

Source: Youtube

Sulemani Topi and the other pair of your shocks, a love which you hate the most. This love story is at its climax when you are almost ready to go to the office and suddenly realize that the other pair of your shock has disappeared.

7. Car Keys, Twice a Day, Every Day

Source: Youtube

Is there anybody who can claim that, there in so relationship between their car keys and Sulemani Topi? Your day starts with searching of your car keys and your day ends with searching your car keys.

8. Wallet, It Often Wears The Sulemani Topi

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Awww, how many times does it happen that you need your wallet and you couldn’t found, almost every time?

9. Medicine, It Will Disappear As Soon As Headache Starts

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There is a direct connection between the headach and medicine, if a headache is there medicine will disappear, if headach is not there, medicine is there, that is how it works.

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