8 Pakistani Celebrities Who Believe It Good To Be Bad

Everybody wants to be in the lame light these days. In order to get other’s attention, we do funny things, both intentionally and unintentionally. There are a few celebrities in Pakistan who took a piece of poetry very seriously which says, “Bad’man Na Hon Gay Tu Kiya Nam Na Ho Ga”. They know the art of staying alive in the news and on social media, not because of their good performance, but more because of their off-field activities. Looks like they have simply decided that they will stay in news, good or bad doesn’t matter for them. Here is a list of Pakistani celebrities who believe that it good to be bad.

1. Meera G, “English Comes To Her” More Than Movies


Any list of such celebrities can’t be completed without the inclusion of The Great Meera G. We hardly remember the name of a movie in which she has appeared but still we see her on social media and mainstream media more often than any other celebrity. Her English is as famous in Pakistan as Rolando is famous in Portugal.

2. Tahir Shah, The “Angel” of Pakistani Music Industry

Tahir Shah
Tahir Shah (Source: Pinterest)

Looks like the statement, “It good to be bad” was actually made for Tahir Shah.  First, he shocked the world with his “EYES” and then tried to rescue the “MANKIND” with his “ANGEL”. And guess what he is releasing his new song on 25th of December.  This time, he is becoming a mermaid in his upcoming song.  Time to leave the earth?

3. Veena Malik, The Scandal/Drama Queen

Veena Malik
Veena Malik (Source: Pinterest)

Veena Malik, though she said that she has left the film industry, was the ultimate drama queen in Pakistan. She hardly appeared in 2-3 movies but she stayed in the news 24/7. First, her scandal with Indian actor Ashmit Patel took her to new heights and then her almost nude photo shoot remained in the news for many months.

4. Dr. Aamir Liaquat, Bohat Nazuk Surt-e-Haal Hai

Dr Amir Liaqat
Dr. Amir Liaqat (Source: Pinterest)

Any words can’t be enough said when it comes to Dr. Ammir Liaquat Hussain. The leaked video footage of his TV program become one of the most discussed issues on social media. It is just because of him that Ghalib movie became one of the most famous movies in Pakistan.

5. Sahir Lodhi, Gharibo Ka Shah Rukh Khan

Sahir Lodhi
Sahir Lodhi (Source: Pinterest)

People of Pakistan simply dislike him because of his overacting and over makeup. In order to troll him, some used to call him Pakistani ShahRukh Khan and he actually took it as a compliment. Now the situation is people are convincing him that he is not ShahRukh Khan but he refuses all such claims.

6. Waqar Zaka, The EverGreen Shoda

Waqar Zaka
Waqar Zaka (Source: Pinterest)

What is the profession of Waqar Zaka, no boy knows. All we know, he hosts a TV program and that’s it. But this guy is evergreen. Infect he is a part-time TV host and full-time YouTube video up loader.

7. Hamza Ali Abbasi, He and His Social Media Posts….

Hamza Ali Abbasi
Hamza Ali Abbasi (Source: Pinterest)

Though Hamza Ali Abbasi is a very good looking actor and possess very good acting skills as well. But it is neither his looks nor his acting abilities which make him famous, but it is his social media posts on Facebook and Twitter which helps him stay alive in the news. He is not afraid to touch social, religious, political and international issues in his posts which sometimes create a lot of controversies.

 8. Maya Khan, The Only Lady Who Can Create Drama in News

Maya Khan
Maya Khan (Source: Pinterest)

Maya Khan, who is not an actress but she acts (rather overacts) more than any actress. Infect some claims that the amount of acting and drama Maya Khan puts in one program; no one can put the same amount of acting and drama in the entire drama series. How somebody can forget her “String Operation” when she caught couples dating in a garden.

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