7 Things Every Pakistani Boy Does on His First Day to College

The first day at college is always a special thing for any boy. This is the day which we can’t forget for the rest of our lives. These memories stay in our minds forever and bring a smile back on our faces when we see our old friends and discuss these memories. Ask even a 50 years old man about his first day at college and he will have a loud laugh before the answer. This first day at college is even more memorable in Pakistan as this is the day when a boy finally and officially becomes “Larka” from “Bacha“. Here is a list of things which every boy in Pakistan does on his first day at college, sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally .

1. In Order to Look “Chikna”,  Aulti Shave is Compulsory

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In order to look smart, beautiful, attractive and dashing, “aulti shave” for multiple time is just farz. Few are still not satisfied even after 5 shaves and when they finally reach college, they keep on scratching their faces due to jalan.

2. For Heroic Looks, They Will Have the Most In Hair Style

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Months before their first day to college, they will start looking for the hairstyles which they going to have. Actors or players are the ones from where they got the most of the inspiration. Spikes were the most common hairstyles in the recent times. How someone can forget the famous Salman Khan’s hairstyle from the movie “Tery Naam”

3. Brand New Shoes & Clothes For Their First Day

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Boys start saving the money in order to buy new shoes and clothes for their first day of college. Cousins or friends who are already in the college are usually the ones who accompany them during their shopping. O yes there are quite a few who even borrow loans from their elder brothers and sisters for this shopping.

4. Some have Sleepless Night Because of the Fear of Orientation

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To face the audience for the first time is not an easy thing. And if the girls are also there in the class, then it becomes the biggest fear which a boy can think off on his first day of college.

5. Ragging is Yet Another Fear Which Boys Have to Face

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There is a famous Punjabi saying, “Kutta, kutty da vari” Only boys can understand how good it feels to tease somebody. Ragging is perhaps the biggest fear which a boy has to face on his first day of college. Few tries to play smart and avoid going to college on the first day.

6. Immediately Selects a “Target”

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After all, boys are boys, the very first thing which they will do is to silently select a  girl as their future girlfriend. And they will communicate it with other boys as well, “Ye Teri Bhabhi hai”

7. Lost in the Campus & Will Look Someone for Help

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It is difficult to locate the class on the first day of college so he looks for someone who is searching the same class/block. And trust me, that someone eventually becomes the best mate.

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