5 Times When Pakistanis Turned a Bollywood Movie Into A Reality

Sheikhspeare once said, this world is a stage and we all are actors here. Indians have taken this statement very seriously and they started to consider the whole world as Bollywood. They have tried many times to stage a real-life event just like a Bollywood movie. But the problem is, you can plan the end only is a movie not in real life. The situation is totally different when it comes to Pakistan. There are a lot of occasions when a Bollywood movie turned into reality bu Pakistan. Here are such occasions,

1. Kabutar Ja Ja Vs Pakistani Spy Kabutar

 Bollywood movie turned into reality
Many Pyar Kiya turned into Reality by a Pakistani Pigeon

Bollywood Movie:

In 1989, a famous Bollywood movie, Many Pyar Kiya, was released featured Salman Khan as the hero. In the movie, there was a kabutar (Pigeon) which used to perform different sorts of secret activities for hero and heroine.


That was just a movie, but in reality how someone can forget the Pakistani kabutar which was arrested by Indian Forces and accused it of spying activities. Looks like BSF is still a great fan of Many Pyar Kiya.

2. Veer Zaara Vs Shoaib-Sania 

 Bollywood movie turned into reality, Veer Zara
They made a Movie Veer-Zaara, we turned it into reality 

Bollywood Movie:

In 2005, Indians made a film in which a Pakistan girl named Zara fell in love with an Indian boy, Veer. Despite all the hardships and zalim sa’maaj, they got married to each other.


Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik turned this famous Bollywood movie into reality when he married Indian Tennis star Sania Mirza after so many conspiracies.

3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan Vs Geeta-Edhi

Bollywood movie turned into reality, Bajrangi Bhaijaan
Bajrangi Bhaijaan was a fiction but Geeta was reality

Bollywood Movie:

Bajrangi Bhaijaan is perhaps the most famous Bollywood of this decade in which the hero risks his own life to return a Pakistani girl, Munni, to her parents back in Pakistan.


In reality, it was the Edhi Foundation who took care of an Indian Girl, Geeta, for 15 years and then returned her back to Indian Government.

4. Singham Vs Ch Aslam Shaheed

Bollywood movie turned into reality, Singham
It’s easy to create heroes in Movie, but Ch Aslam was a real life hero

Bollywood Movie:

Singam is a 2011 Bollywood movie in which an honest police officer fights with the criminals like a LION and despite all of their powers, he stood tall against them.


Ch Aslam was SP in Sindh Police and he actually fought like a LION with the criminals and target killers of Karachi. He gained immense fame as the encounter specialist and people of Karachi just loved him.

5. Sultan Vs Uloomi Karim

 Bollywood movie turned into reality, Sultan
They won medals in movies, we won it in real life

Bollywood Movie:

Sultan is one of the best Bollywood movies of the recent times which broke many box office records. In the movie, the hero becomes a professional fighter (wrestler) and won many medals for India.


This movie was turned into reality when a Pakistani fighter won a gold medal in mixed martial arts by beating his Indian counterpart in the final.


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