5 Things Which Are Spoiling the Image of Pakistan

Pakistan is a beautiful country blessed with talented people. We have four seasons, natural resource, Glaciers, deserts,  world deepest sea port, world highest mountain range and thousands of things to be proud of. But unfortunately, Pakistan is not known for these things internationally. There are some serious reasons which are spoiling Pakistan’s image.

1- Terrorism, Pakistan’s Biggest Issue


Pakistan is fighting against the menace of terrorism on both the fronts; external as well as internal. It has become a major and highly destructive phenomenon in recent years. It has spoiled the image of our country quite badly. It has taken away cricket from us after a terrorist attack on Sri Lankan Cricket Team. Being one of the most beautiful and culturally rich countries, we can earn millions of dollars through tourism alone, but law and order situation doesn’t allow foreigners to travel to Pakistan

2- Corruption, Eating Our Society  like a Termite

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Corruption is a curse and a major hurdle to the progress of Pakistan. There is hardly any department which is corruption free. We yet to have such a strong and independent judicial system which have the ability to take strict actions against all the corrupt people.

3- Literacy, We Are Far Behind From Rest of The World

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The overall literacy rate has always been a huge concern here in Pakistan. According to different surveys, Literacy rate Pakistan is just over 50% which is amongst the lowest in the world, top fifteen of the lowest literacy rate in the world to be exact.

4- Pollution, Though It’s Not an Issue At All For Many

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Talking about the rapid urbanisation in Pakistan, Pollution has become a major area of concern for many. Big cities like Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad are facing worst pollution issues, ranges from air pollution to noise pollution. Shortage of clean drinking water is also an outcome of pollution.

5- Street Begging, Easiest Way of Earning Money

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In Pakistan, the beggars earn more than any other professional employee or even from government servants which spoil the image of this country. Begging is prohibited in Islam as well. But the government is not taking any serious action against these business-minded beggers.


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