5 Cricket Matches Which Pakistanis Can Never Forget

In other countries, cricket is just a game like so many other games. But here in Pakistan, cricket is something more than just a game, its a passion, it’s like a religion, it’s a way of life. Cricket is something which unites the entire nation, from Karachi to Khyber. Whenever Pakistan Cricket Team wins an important match or a tournament, Punjabi, Sindhi, Baloch, Pathan, Kashmiris, all dance together and celebrate together. In order to pay a tribute to this wonderful game and to the Pakistan Cricket Team, we have selected five cricket matches which have provided the infinite happiness to the entire nation.

1. 1992 WorldCup Final, Australia

You are simply not a Pakistan cricket fan if you haven’t watched this match at least 100 times. On 25 March 1992, Imran Khan’s corner tigers lifted the world cup for the first time in the history of Pakistan Cricket when they beat England in MCG Australia.

2. T20 World Cup Final 2009, England

Just 3 months after the terrorist attack on Sri Lankan Cricket Team in Lahore, Pakistan beats them in the Final of T20 World Cup 2009 at the historical Lords Cricket Ground. Shahid Afridi played a match winning inning in the finals and declared MoM. As soon as Pakistan won the match, the whole nation came out of the streets in celebrations, the mobile networks were struck down due to congratulations calls and SMS.

3. Pakistan Vs India,  Asia Cup 2014, Bangladesh

Pakistan Vs India is always something very special but it becomes even thrilling if we won a match after a close encounter. During the Aisa Cup match between Pakistan and India, the match was swinging both the ways. Ultimately it came to the last over and then came the masterclass of Afridi who hit two consecutive sixes to the best Indian bowler.

4. Javed Miandad Last Ball Six Against India, Sharjah

It doesn’t matter how old are you, but if you follow Pakistan cricket, you must have heard and watched the famous last ball six on Javed Miandad against Chetan Sharma of India in Sharjah.

5. 45 Balls Century of Afridi Against India, 2005

It was during this inning when Ravi Shastri gave the title of Boom Boom to Shahid Afridi. Series was tied at 2-2 and Pakistan was cashing a moderate total of 250. Afridi came to open the inning and as usual, he outclassed the opposition with his blistering hitting. He hit 9 sixes during this inning and completed his century in just 45 balls, the third fastest century of that time.

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