20 Types Of Girls You May Come Across In Islamabad

The culture of Islamabad and it’s girls is a fantasy for many people. People always wonder what kinds of girls are there in Islamabad, what they do, what they wear, what they eat and what they think. One could wonder why they think about girls only, why not about other things? Staring at girls is our national hobby, infect we have also given it a very decent and respectful name, Poondi. In order to make the life easier and put a put full-stop over their imaginations of boys, we have categorised the types of Islamabadi girls.

1. Angry Girls, Better Stay Away From Them

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These types of girls you will quite often in Islamabad. They are angry for no reason, sometimes they actually angry but most of the times they are pretending to be angry. It’s better to stay away from this types of girls because you will just say “Excuse Me” and then you along with the whole market have to listen to their speech.

2. Naughty Girls, Usually They Are Sweet

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Naughty girls can be found in shopping malls of Islamabad but most of the times they are not alone, they usually roam around in a group of 4-5 girls. If a boy tries to make a move, they will not give him a speech but suddenly from Islamabadi girls, they will turn into Faisalabadi Girls and even your friends will be laughing at you.

3. Super Excited Girls, OMG is their Signature Tune

super excited , OMG
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Another type which has become very famous in the recent times is the Super Excited Types of Girls. You are enjoying your shopping in a mall and suddenly you hear a chilling voice, OMG Have look at this dress…. This is a super excited girl for you.

4. Selfie Queens, They Are Just Everywhere

selfies adected
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This is one type of girl which you find anywhere in Pakistan. They are simply selfie-addicted and the whole purpose of their lives is to take selfies, anytime anywhere.

5. Complaining Girls, Always Complaining About Something

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This type of gives you the most headache because doesn’t matter what you do for her, she will always be complaining. If it is raining, she will complain why it is raining. If it is not raining, they will complain why it is not raining today. AAaaaaaaa

6. Flirty Girls, But Don’t Get Any Wrong Signals

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This is the type of girl everybody is looking for and they do actually exist in Islamabad. It is not that hard to find them but how to approach them is the real question. There might be a long queue of boys waiting for their turn of friendship with them. But if you have a sports car, your chances are very bright.

7. Tom Girls, Hard to Find Anywhere else But in Islamabad

tm girl
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This is one type of girls which you can’t find in any other city very easily. These are actually best types of girls and can be found normally in universities. They usually proved to be very good friends and you can invite them at your home or at your family functions as well.

8. Party Girls, There is a Party on Their Minds

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Another type of girls which is the speciality of Islamabad, The Party Girls. They always want to do party, sometimes with their family but most of the times with their friends.

9. Phone Addicted Girls, Always on Thier Phones 24/7

phone adected
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Then there are phone addicted girls, their whole life starts with their cell phones and ends at cell phones. Whether they are eating, shopping, reading, driving, their one hand will always be busy with their phones. They spend more time on calls than any call centre agent.

10. Show off Girls, Bary Baap Ki Baari Bayte

show off
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This is the most common type of a girl you can find in Islamabad. They will not spare any chance to show off her wealth and status. These type of girls are usually surrounded by two or three other girls whose job is to praise her all the time.

11. Confused Girls, Usually Those Who Came From Other Cities

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These types of girls are usually those who came from other cities of Pakistan to Islamabad from study or sometimes for the job. They usually live in women hostels and they are just ready to cry all the time.

12. Religious Girls, Yes They Do Exist in Islamabad Too

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It is a surprise, rather shocked, for many but it’s true that Islami behan do exists in Islamabad though you can’t find them so often. They usually don’t go to the market or any other shopping place alone. Their father or bhai is always there to accompany them.

13. Foreign Return, Hum Abi Abi Pakistan Aya Hai

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Foreign return girls somehow will tell you that they have come from some other country. Some of them might have just spent 1 month in some other country, but they will speak Urdu with such difficulty as if it is the first time they are speaking this language.

 14. Drama Queens, Stay at Least 2 Km Away From Them

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They always love to create a scene, they do acting in the real life. It is highly recommended to stay away from them otherwise they will create such a drama that you will regret for the rest of your life.

15. Makeup Girls, Always Loaded With Layers of Makeup

fullof makeup

This is one strange sort of girls who always loaded with multiple layers of makeup. Even their own parents very rarely see the actual face of their daughter. Every time you see them, you will fell that they are going to attend a function but actually they are going for the college presentation.

16. Filmi Girls, They Love To Apply Films To Their Normal LifeSource: Tumblr

They are so impressed by the movies that they actually thought that this world is a stage and she is playing the role of a heroin. These types of girls can be very easy find on mehndi functions.

17. Shocked Girl, Always Look Shocked


Another very interesting type of girls which you can find in Islamabad is the shocked types of girls. They will always look like that she has just received the biggest shock of her life. She will see a new dress being displayed, she will be shocked, she will see the price tag, even bigger shock.

18. Happy Go Lucky Types Of Girls, No Tension No Funda

happy go lucky
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They are also called as tension free girls. They don’t care what is happening around them. All the purpose of their life is just to enjoy. Normally they have a rich father or an elder brother who gives them a lot of pocket money.

19. Mastibaaz Grils, They Know How To Enjoy

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Mastibaaz girls are the most common type of girls you may find in Islamabad. They love to spend their time with their friends or cousins and they know how to live and enjoy the life.

20. Sharmili Girls, If You Find One, Do Let Us know Too


Well this types of girls i am also searching for from last so many years. If anyone from you ever find this type of girls in Islamabad, just drop me a message.

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