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18 Beautiful But Relatively Less Famous Lakes in Pakistan

Pakistan is among the most beautiful countries of the world, without even a second thought. God has provided everything to this country. In our another post about 10 most beautiful places is Pakistan, we have covered some highly popular and wonderful tourist attractions in Pakistan. But in this post, we are covering the lakes in Pakistan which a though very beautiful but not very popular and fewer people know about them. We all know about the lakes like Saif ul Malook or Banjosa Lake, but there are hundreds of other lakes in Pakistan which are equally beautiful but comparatively less popular compared to these lakes.  Here are these lakes,

1. Mahodand Lake, Swat, KPK



This beautiful lake is located in the beautiful valley of Swat of Pakistan. This lake is used both for boating and fishing and it definitely deserves a high rank of your list of places for next holidays. Not only the lake is very beautiful but the surroundings are also breathtaking.

2. Qibla Bandi Lake, Ghurghushti (Attock)

Qibla Bandi Lake,

This lake with mesmerizing views is in Ghurghushti near Attock. This lake is located almost at the border of Pun1jab and KPK, but geographically it is in Punjab. Access to this lake is very easy, one can go with their families as well at any time of the year. It’s almost 2-4 hours of drive from Islamabad.

3. Kutwal Lake, Haramosh valley, GB


Located in the Haramosh Valley of Gilgit-Baltistan, this lake is located almost at a height of  6,985 metres or 22,917 ft from the sea level. The valley is beautiful and this lake in jus like the icing on the cake of this valley.

4. Khalti Lake, Gupis, Ghizer

Khalti Lake, Gupis, Ghizer, Pakistan

This beautiful lake is situated in the beautiful province of Gilgit-Baltistan at a height of 7274 ft. or 2217 m or from sea level. It is a freshwater lake and offers such a splendid view that it’s hard to put out from your mind once you visited it.

5. Saral Lake, Neelum Valley

Source: Wikipedia

Located in the beautiful Valley of Neelum, Saral Lake is perhaps the most underrated lake in Pakistan. Surrounded by beautiful mountains which covered with snow almost throughout the year, this lake is consists of crystal clear blue water and also reflects the mountains in its water.

6. Satpara Lake, Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan

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Yet another beautiful lake in Gilgit-Baltistan, Satpara Lake looks like the heart shape if seen from distance or above. It’s is located near the Skardu city also the source of fresh water to the city. It is situated at 8,650 ft above sea level.

7. Baha Lake, Shandur Pass

baha lake
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Also known as Khukhus lake, it is the largest lake in Gilgit-Baltistan. This lake is not only very beautiful, with snow, trees and mountains around it, but this lake is also the home of the famous Trout Fish. It is also called as a mysterious lake as it produces some unknown sounds st night.

7. Gakuch  Lake, Ghizer District

Galuch lake
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Located in beautiful Ghizer Valley, this lake is all Beautiful view.Fantastic clarity and colors.The excellent colour of the water with mountains around it gives it a dramatic view. A must visit lake in Pakistan.

8. Katora Lake , Dir Valley,  KPK

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Katora Lake which literally means as Bowl shaped lake because of its shape is located in Upper Dir, KPK. People who have visited  this lake described it as one of the most beautiful lakes in the entire region. The water of this lake comes from themelting off the surrounding galciers, makes it very difficult to swim in it even in summer.

9. Dudipatsar Lake,  Kaghan Valley KPK

dudipatsar lake kaghan
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Dudipatsar Lake also called as Dudipat is an extremely beautiful lake situated in Kagan Vally, KPK Pakistan. It is surrounded by snow covered mountains, as the name also suggest (Dudi= white, Pat=mountain, Sar=Lake)

10. Kutwal Lake, Hramosh Valley, GB

kutwal Lake
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This lake is so beautiful that sometimes it looks artificial, located in the Hramosh Valley of Gilgit-Baltistan. The lush green grassy fields around the lake used for camping and people love to spend the night there in the camps.

11. Shimshal Lake, Gojal, Hunza District

Shimshal Lake, Gojal, Hunza District
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Believe it or not, this lake is a heart shaped lake and looks exactly like a heart, located in the beautiful valley of Hunza. It becomes a frozen lake during winters.

12. Jabba Zomalu Lake, Upper Kalam, Swat

Jabba Zomalu Lake, Upper Kalam, Swat
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This lake is located in Ushv Valley in Kalam of KPK province of Pakistan. The lake receives its water from the glaciers which arepresentt there on the moutains which have centred the lake.

13. Swaik Lake, Kalar Kahar, Punjab

Swaik Lake, Kalar Kahar, Punjab
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Swaik Lake in Kalar Kahar is one of the most beautiful lake in the entire Punjab province of Pakistan. Access to this lake is very easy, half an hour drive from Motorway. The lake is not very deep so one can enjoy a session of swimming there as well

14. Kundol Lake , Swat, KPK

Kundol Lake , Swat, KPK
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This beautiful lake is situated in the extremely beautiful Swat valley of Pakistan. There are a lot of stories associated this lake, the appearance of a golden bowl in the center of the lake being the most famous one.

15. Karomber Lake, Ghizer District,GB

Karomber Lake, Ghizer District,GB
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This eye-catching lake is situated in the Ghizer district of Gilgit-Baltistan. This lake is famous because of the beautiful color of its water. This is the second highest lake in Pakistan while 31st in the world.

16. Shandur Lake, Shandur Top, GB

16. Shandur Lake, Shandur Top, GB
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Also knows as the roof of the world, this lake has gained international recognition in the recent past due to its Shandur Polo Festival.

17. Shounter Lake, Neelam Valley

Shounter Lake, Neelam Valley
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This lake is situated at 10,200 feet above the sea level in Neelum valley of Pakistan. Snow covered mountains and grassy fields will force to fall in love with this lake at very first sight.

18. Bashigram Lake, Swat Valley, KPK

Bashigram Lake, Swat Valley, KPK
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An extremely beautiful glacial lake is situated in the northern part of the Swat valley. When the ice from the surrounded mountains melts, it flows directly to this lake. Locals also call it as Danda which is a Pashto word for lake.


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