These 16 Pics Will Prove That Obama is The Coolest President

From the last two months or so, it looked like there is only one issue in this world, and that was, who gonna be the next American President? Against all the odds, Donald John Trump has been elected as the 45th President of United States of America. He will take over the charge of the White House from the current President Barack Obama in January 2017. While Donald Trump is perhaps the most controversial President in the history of USA, Brack Obama is definitely the coolest President of USA. Below are some of the pictures released by official photographer of White House which prove that why Obama is so popular not only in the USA and across the globe.

1. Keep Calm and Play With The Kid

Keep Calm and play with the kid

President Obama playing with a kid who came to visit White House with his parents. Look how happy the President is looking while playing with the kid.

2. Lag Ja Gale, K Pher Ye Hasin Rat Ho Na Ho

Giving a hug to his wife (Source: 9GAG)

President Obama has this reputation that he is a fully devoted family person. On this occasion, he is giving a tight hug to his wife, Michelle Obama.

3. Ye Mazdoor Ka Hath Hai…. Katiya

President With a Worker
President With a Worker (Source: 9GAG)

Being the first Black American President of USA, Barack Obama is the president with zero ego issues, he is equally popular in the lower staff of White House.

4. The More People I Meet, The More I love My Dog

President Playing With His Dog
President Playing With His Dog (Source: 9GAG)

President Obama is a dog lover as well. In this picture, he is playing with the dog in the corridors of White House.

5. Let’s Hit The Dance Floor

President going for a party (Source: 9GAG)

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama all set to hit the dance floor. Look at the expressions and exciting on the President’s face, just like a college boy going on his first date.

6. It’s the Time To Disco

President Dancing with his wife
President Dancing with hi wife (Source: 9GAG)

President Obama and his wife Michelle Obama enjoying a party. Looks like President is enjoying more than anybody else in the party.

7. President Pranking his Colleague

Prank with a colleague
Prank with the colleague (Source: 9GAG)

This picture shows joyful nature of the President. While one of his cabinet members is checking his weight, President Obama is playing a prank with him.

8. So Ja Beeta So Ja, Warna Trump A jay Ga

President with kids
President with kids (Source: 9GAG)

Playing with kids during a party.

9. With Great Powers Comes Great Responsibilities

President and Spiderman
President and Spiderman (Source: 9GAG)

President playing with a kid in spiderman costume who visited White House. During the tenure of President Obama, a lot of kids came to White House to meet the President.

10. Hit Me Baby One More Time

President And The First Lady
President And The First Lady (Source: 9GAG)

Though it looks tense but the facial expression of the couple suggests that there is nothing serious here between the President and the First Lady.

11. Raju Ban Gya Gentleman

President Enjoying A Movie
President Enjoying A Movie (Source: 9GAG)

The President, First Lady and White House staff members enjoying a 3D movie in the White House. Aby guesses which movie they are enjoying.

12. Tumy Dil Llagi Bhool Jani Paray Gi…

The Singer
The Singer (Source: 9GAG)

Mr. Clinton started to deliver lectures in order to earn money once his presidential term was over. No wonder what Obama will do after January 2016.

13. Looks like Obama Has Received a meme From Michelle

The Laugh...
The Laugh… (Source: 9GAG)

Looks like Obama has just received something very funny but not personal as his staff members are also having a laugh with him as well.

14. Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Sari Jannatein Mere Sath Ho

The Bound of Love
The Bound of Love (Source: 9GAG)

Love bound between Obama and Michelle is not a secret, this picture is the perfect example of how well they are emotionally attached to each other.

15. That Was My Turn…

President and yet another kid
President and yet another kid (Source: 9GAG)

Looks like President has been ditched in this picture by a young kid.

16. Cuteness Level = Awesome

Source: 9GAG

LOL, No Comments over this picture 🙂

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