15 Night Pics of Karachi Will Change Your Perception About the City, Forever

Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan is also the business and economic hub of Pakistan. Due to its rich tradition, highly diverse culture and never stopping life, Karachi is also known as the City of Lights. Though there are some issues of law and order, though there are some political issues, though there are some daily life issues, but still Karachi is Karachi, it is still the heart of Pakistan. And if anyone of you is thinking that Karachi is not a safe place to visit, these images, which have been captured in the recent past, will change your mind about Karachi.

1. Ocean Mall and Tower, Karachi

ocean tower karachi
Ocean Tower Karachi

A 393 feet (28 floors) state of the art shopping mall in the center of the city, makes it the finest shopping mall not only in the city but also in the country.

2. Mohatta Palace Museum, Karachi

Mohatta Palace Museum Karachi (Source: Flicker)

Designed by Agha Ahmed Hassan in 1927, this beautiful building is made by pink and yellow stones. This building now used for different sorts of concerts and exhibitions.

3. Clifton Beach, Karachi

Clifton Beach Karachi (Source: Flicker)

Karachi hosts a lot of beautiful beaches like Clifton beach, Paradise Point, Hawke’s Bay, Cape Mount etc and all of them offer such a wonder views especially at sunrise and sunset which is hard to find anywhere else.

4. Empress Market, Saddar Karachi

Empress Market, Karachi
Empress Market, Karachi (Source: Pinterest)

One of the oldest and historical shopping market, located in Saddar Karachi. All types of shops are there in this market, from fruit/vegetables to pet shops.

5. Port Grand, Karachi

Port Grand
Port Grand (Source: Pinterest)

Karachi offers something to everyone. If you are a food lover, there can’t be a batter option than Port Grand, a newly built recreational area in Karachi.

6. Dolmen Mall, Sea View Karachi

Dolmen Mall,
Dolmen Mall, Karachi (Source: Flicker)

Taking about the shopping mall with all the modern facility with the extra topping of sea view, don’t forget to give a visit to Karachi Hyperstar and Dolman Mall.

7. Nation Cricket Stadium, Karachi

Nation Cricket Stadium, Karachi
Nation Cricket Stadium, Karachi (Source: Flicker)

Pakistan’s finest cricket stadium, the National Cricket Stadium is also in Karachi. It offers a wonderful entertainment to everyone in the city whenever there is a match in Karachi.

8. Karachi Circular Roadways

Karachi Circular Roadways (Source: blogarama)

In Order to maintain a good flow of traffic, the roads infrastructure has improved a lot, especially during the last one decade. Nagan Chowrangi flyover project is one fine example of it.

9. Kolachi Restaurant, Karachi

Kolachi Restaurant, Karachi (Source: Pinterest)

We don’t know about the food and its taste, but there can’t be any better and romantic place for dinner than this Restaurant, situated at Do Darya, Karachi

10. Karachi Port Trust Building

Karachi Port Trust Building (Source: Pinterest)

Karachi Port Trust, which is an agency under the command of Federal Government, and it looks after the affairs of Karachi Port.

11. Night Life of Karachi

Night Life of Karachi
Night Life of Karachi (Source: Flicker)

Karachi is among those cities where business activities continue throughout the day, from early morning to next day early morning.

12. Bagh Ibne Qasim

Bagh Ibne Qasim (Source: Flicker)

Located at the beachside, this is the largest park in the city of Karachi. Sindh Festival in 2014 was also held in this beautiful park.

13. Lal Qila Restaurant, Karachi

lal qila restaurant karachi
Lal Qila Restaurant Karachi (Source: Twitter)

Literally meaning, Red Fort, this restaurant has been built with red bricks and red stones and it gives an impression of Mughal Architecture. A must visit place if you like Desi Food.

14. Karachi, House of Larget Airport & Latest Buildings in Pakistan

Jinnah International Airport.
Jinnah International Airport Karachi (Source: Flicker)

Karachi is also the house of Pakistan’s largest and most beautiful airport, Jinnah International Airport. While country’s latest buildings are also in Karachi, like MCB Tower and Bahria Icon Tower.

15. And Finally, Mazar Quaid Karachi

Mazar Quaid Karachi
Mazar Quaid Karachi (Source: Pinterest)

Karachi is incomplete without Mazar-e-Quaid ( Jinnah Mausoleum), the final resting place of the Father of The Nation, Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

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