12 Problems Which Only Pakistani Girls Can Understand

To be a girl in a country like Pakistan is not easy as its a male dominated society. Girls have to face many problems, sometimes for their survival and sometimes to prove their identity. But the situation becomes even worst when girls in Pakistan have to face those problems which are totally self-created. Girls do things in order to look attractive, modern, prominent, beautiful and different from others. This race of looking better and different tends to force them to do such silly things which, at least males of Pakistan can’t imagine to do. Here is the list of some of the most common self-created problems of girls which they face on daily basis.

1. Cat Sharabi Walk With High Heels

high heel
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Most of the girl in Pakistan have low/average height so order to overcome the height complex they usually wear high heel sandals. It is almost impossible to walk comfortably with these kinds of shoes. The result is a Sharabi Walk instead of a normal walk.

2. How To Deal With Thurkey Boys

t boys
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The biggest problem which every Pakistani girl faces the moment she steps out of her house.

3. Which Selfies to Share on Facebook?

selfies to share
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Girls go for shopping, they take selfies. Girls go for cooking, they take selfies. Girls are happy, they take selfies. Girls are sad, they take selfies. In short, girls always take selfies. But which selfies to share on Facebook and which selfies to delete is the actual problem.

4. What to Buy From a Sale Offer?

sale, what buy
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If a Pakistani girl has to decide between Paradise and Sale on clothes, she will definitely go with sales. They may not know the name of the Cheif Minister of Balochistan, but she will definitely know which brand has offered how much discount. They will visit each and every shop which has offered a sale and yet don’t know what to buy.

5. Closet Full of Dresses Still Nothing to Wear

what to waer
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For a Pakistani girl, to wear the same dress on two different functions is the biggest same. the toughest question which a girl has a to answer to daily basis is, Ajj Pahan’na Kiya hai..

6. How to Taking Care of Their Makeup in Summers

summer make up
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A typical Pakistan girl can live without water, food or even oxygen, but not without their makeup. Taking care of multiple layers of makeup in 40C is not an easy job at all.

7. How to Wear Sleeveless in Winter

sleevles in winter
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Sleeveless dresses are quite in for girls these days especially on functions like Barat or Mehndi. But to wear it in winters is something which at least boys can’t do. But girls are girls, fashion is more important for them, even at the cost of Namonia.

8. How to OverCome the Questions of Aunties

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Though it’s not a self-created problem but still it’s a big problem fro girls. Every Pakistani girl has at least one aunt in her family who will always irritate her with her stupid questions. Shadi Kab Kar Rahi Ho being the most common question.

9. How to Find a Boy Friend as Good as Fawad Khan

bf like fawad
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Every Pakistani girl wants to dashing, good looking, caring and rich boyfriend like Fawad Khan. In order to find a perfect soul mate, sometimes they have to try 1, 2, 3 many boyfriends and at the end, All Men Are Same

10. How to Save Their Makeup Kit From Their Niches

how to save makeup kit
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For Pakistani girl, her makeup kit is meant everything for them. And to save her makeup kit from her niches is one thing which they have to do twice a day, every day.

11. How to convince their Bro/Hubby to Take Them To Market

drop to mkt
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Sometimes girls in Pakistan convince them with blackmailing, sometimes with Rishwat, some with a request and most of the times with the help of their Ammi.

12. How to Look Like Mahira Khan in Thier Facebook DP

Mahira Khan
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They will choose a one and then reject it. Again they will choose a new one and again reject it. They will repeat this process for 10-15 times and finally choose the very first one.

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