11 Occasions When Badtameezi Becomes Farz

We can tolerate anything but badtameezi. Tumhary Maa Baap nay tumay Tameez nai sikhai is the most famous dialogue when we get really angry with someone. But the situation doesn’t remain the same all the time. Sometimes you have to become badtameez in order to survive in a particular situation. It’s simply survival of the fitness, the more badtameez you are, the more chances are there that you will survive. Here are some of the situations where you don’t have any other option but to become badtameez, or in order words, badtameezi become absolutely “Faraz”

1. While Eating Mangos, Become as Badtameez As You Can

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You cannot eat mangos, rather you cannot enjoy mangos if you are trying to eat them with manners. So become as badtameez as you can in order to enjoy them.

2. While Eating Gool Guppy, Forget the Tameez For Some Time

goal guppy
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While eating Gool Guppy, you have to choose between Tameez and Gool Guppy, choose is yours……

3. Nehari And Tameez Can’t Go Together

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If You think you can do both the things together, think again as both Nehari and Tameez are poles apart.

4. Watermelon, Perhaps World Most Badtameez Fruit

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Someone has very rightly said, every food has its own protocol of eating, and the protocol to eat watermelon is to take off your clothes while eating it. Otherwise, you can’t wear that suit again.

5. When You Heard at Wallima, Roti Khul Gaye..

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If you think you can get Biyani or Icecream at a Pakistani wallima with tameezi, either you are not Pakistani or you haven’t attended a Pakistani wallima ever. Tameez at wallima means you simply missed the most important dishes, badtameezi means you have enjoyed all of your favorite dishes.

6. While Attending the Birthday of Your Best Friends, Badtameezi is Absolutely Halal

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If you act with tameezi at the birthday party of your friends, there are only two possibilities then, One you are still recovering from your last break up, Second you are not at your best friend’s birthday party.

7. While Eating Saviyan, Either pick Saviyan or Tameez

eating saviyan
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Have you ever thought why saviyan has never been served as a sweet dish on any function? Let us tell you the reason, on functions,  one has to look good while saviyan and Badtameezi are like real brothers, the real partner in crime.

8. When You See There is Only One Seat  in The Van/Bus

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Have you ever come across the situation where you along with hundreds of other passengers are waiting for the van/bus to arrive and once it arrived, you realize that there is only one seat is there in the van. What will you prefer, Seat or Tameez? Our suggestion, obviously seat

9. While Eating Siri Piay, Leave Tameez 100km Away From You

siri oiay
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Petrol and fire can live together, Tom and Jerry can live together, Americans and Russians can live together but not Piay and Batmeez.

10. While Playing Musical Chair, It’s perfect to become Badtameez

musicl chair
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Musical chair is a decent name of the game, if we have to translate its name into Urdu, the most appropriate and nearest name could be, Badtameez Khel or Badtameez khursi

11.  The Final of Badtameezi played on Iftar Time at Samosa Shop

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When you need to buy the samosas for iftar in Radaman, the most Bastameez person will be the most successful person, that’s why Badtameezi at samosa shop is totally Halal, without any doubt.

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