10 Types of Husbands You Can Find in Pakistan

As we heard commonly that ‘sare mard aik jese hote hai’, in real they are not. Yes, before marriage all men are same like a typical routine outing with friends and girls related talks and interest. But after marriage, you will find the variety of men in terms of a husband.

1- Befikre Husband, Apni Duniya Main Mast

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Because of their carefree nature, these types of husbands are the perfect material to ruin your life and make you a “Dukhi Atma”. They just can’t care about the feelings and responsibilities of their family and of their wife. But you know what’s the funny part, 99% wives claim that they have such sort of husbands.

2- Mummy’s Boy, Maa o Meri Maa Main Tera Ladla

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Dear girls, if you are looking for a life partner, make it very sure that it shouldn’t be a Mama’s boy and if you already have a husband like this, our deepest sympathies are with you. They never do any task without their mummy’s permission and let the wife do the tasks as like their mother do.

3- Wife Lover, Main Joru Ka Ghulam Ban K Rahoga

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Every Pakistani girl wants a husband of this type. Because of its high demand, the competition is very tough as there is a swear shortage of  Wife Lovers in the market, at least already married girls claim so. Because of their Baygham First policy, they are the first choice of each and every girl.

4- Aggressive Husbands, Love To Prove Their ‘Mardangi’

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Many thought these types of husbands are mostly present in the rural areas but the matter of fact is, you can’t limit them on demographics or even on an educational basis as it is a state of mind. They believe Best Offense is The Best Defence.

5- Silent Husband, Mora Piya Mu-se Bole Na


This is the most confusing types of husbands for the wives as sometimes their Khamoshi is a blessing for the wives but sometimes the same Khamoshi is the most irritating thing for them. The wife will try hard by learning new hairstyles and makeup tips and will die in the wait of her expression of love.

6- Social Husbands, Ye Dosti Hum Nahi Torege

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A wise man once said, worst people for a wife is her husband’s friends while the most attractive people for a husband is his wife’s friends. This types of husbands made promises with their friends that he won’t change after the marriage. They keep it by preferring his friends more than his wife.

7- Family Devotee, Apne Tu Apne Hote Hain

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Yet another type of husbands preferred by the girls. They never let the chance to show his love and emotions towards their wives and children.

8- Political Husbands, They Know How To Make It Happen

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Nobody knows how to rate this class of husbands because of their Chalakiyan. They are very clever and do politics in the family. They abuse their wives when they sit with their mother and favors their wives when they are with them. But they can’t keep it for a long time.

9- Neutral Husband, Balance is Everything 

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These husbands are very smart in the sense to balance all the relations by favoring everyone. They never see right and wrong bus kam ko chalana hai.

10- Ismali Husband, Allah Hi Allah Kiya Karo

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This is the only type of husbands where you can see both the extremes, the worst or the best. If he understands Islam well, wife’s will be a heaven, but if he is a typical molvi, the wife’s life will be a hell. For most of the husband of this class their Islam starts from “Aurat Ka Parda” and ends at “Aurat Ka Parda”

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