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10 Things Which Didn’t Exist When Pakistan Beat Australia Last Time

January 15th, 2017 is one of the best day as far as Pakistan cricket is concerned as they finally beat Australia in Australia after a gap of almost 12 years. Before today, it was on 30 January 2005, when Pakistan beat Australia by 3 wickets in Perth. During this period, Pakistan has played 18 matches across all three formats against Australia and lost all of them. Here is a list of 10 things which wasn’t there when Pakistan beat the host before this Match.

1. Twitter, Founded on 21 March 2006

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Pakistan beat Australia on 30 January 2005 while Twitter was founded on 21 March 2006. This means it’s officially the first time in the history of Twitter that Pakistanis are celebrating Pakistan’s victory over Australia on Twitter while our team is in Australia.

2. Load Shedding, Started in 2007-08

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The present day kids may find it funny but it’s a universal truth that load shedding was not there when Pakistan won a match against Australia in 2005. I want to go back to that time again.

3. Panama Leaks, Leaked on 05 May 2016

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Though it looks like Panama Leaks are there since ages but what if I told you that nobody in Pakistan has ever listen of Panama Paper or Panama Leaks even in dream back in 2005 when we won against Aussies last time?

4. WhatsApp, Founded on February 24, 2009

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Even the world most parlor messaging service was not founded when Pakistan beat Australia in 2005. Ah, can you imagine a life without WhatsApp these days?

5. iPhone, First Released on  June 29, 2007

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The word “Smart Phone” was an alien word when Pakistan beat Australia in Perth in 2005. This is perhaps the reason why there isn’t even a single selfie available of that match.

6. You Tube, Founded on 14 February 2005

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Though you can find the highlights of that match on You Tube , but it’s also a fact that the world most popular and most visited site was not there when Pakistan tasted the joy of victory against Australia the last time.

7. Instagram, Released on October 6, 2010

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Have you ever wondered why none of the players haven’t uploaded the pictures of the match once Pakistan won it? It’s because Instagram wasn’t founded then. 12 years, what a long time.

8. 4G, Commercially Developed in 2009

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There isn’t even a single person in Pakistan which can claim that he had watched that match on his cellphone as he was traveling and it’s because 4G wasn’t there at that time.

9. Snapchat, Released in September 2011

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Though it looks funny but it’s a harsh reality that when Pakistan beat Australia the last time, the idea of Snapchat was not there even in the minds of its developers. Ohh Pakistan Cricket Team, you and your records.

10. iPad, Released on 3 April 2010

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I know you can’t live even for a single day without your iPad or Tablet,  but Tablet means medicine for people when Pakistan beat Australia in Perth in 2005. Funny, isn’t it?

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