10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Facebook Immediately

How many times does it happen to you that you are doing something really important and trying to concentrate, suddenly your cellphone beeps and when you see the notification, it is one of your friends tagged you in his pictures when he has taken in the washroom? The easy access to technology has a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages. One should remember that its not the product/service which is bad, its the usage of which make it good or bad. We, the Pakistani, while adopting something, we just take to maximum level. There is no moderation in our usage. Social Media is one prime example of it. Here are some of the reasons when one can seriously thinking of discounting all his social media accounts.

1. Selfies, Selfies, Selfies, Hard to Find Anything else on Your Wall

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Almost 90% friends of yours will keep on updating their selfies on Facebook. Every time you open your FB wall, you will find nothing but selfies.

2. Restaurant Check-Ins With Food Pictures

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And then there will be some friends who will make it sure that every time they go to any restaurant, they will keep you informed on Facebook as if it’s an achievement.

3. Everybody is a Philosopher on Facebook

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For some reason, everybody becomes such a great philosopher on Facebook that even Allama Iqbal or Sheikhspeare could be proud of them.

4. Tag You in Their Pics is a Religious Duty For Some Friends

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Infect it’s not “some friends” its many friends who love to tag you in each and every picture they uploaded on Facebook. This is perhaps the strongest reason why many will stop using Facebook.

5. Social Media Vs Reality,  Two Different Things

Social Media Vs Reality
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There are a lot of pages on Facebook which creates such a suspense which forced a user to click on the link. And when the opens, there isn’t anything there but a piece of sh**.

6. Some Open Their Facebook Accounts Just To Like Girls Status

comment on girl dp
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There are at least 90% friends in everybody’s friend list who logged in just to comment and like on girl’s status. This is the whole purpose of their life.

7. Political Debates, WWE Version of Pakistani’s on Facebook

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Defend each and every act of your political party and make fun of other political parties is the best time pass of each and every Pakistani these days. Most of the times these political debates turn into hate debates.

8. Islamic Scholars on Facebook, As If We Don’t Know Them…

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If there are political philosophers in Facebook, then there is no shortage of Islamic scholars as well on Facebook. Some of your friends will share such a posts as if they are only “Musalman” in the entire world.

9. Bhai Ki DP Check Nai Ki Which  Means Like me DP Please

like my dp
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There are some friends who will change their DP twice a day every day. And every time they change their DP, they will message you, “Bhai ki new DP check nai ki abi tak tu nay” which in simple words, please like my DP.

10. Facebook is The Biggest Source of Disinformation

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Finally, the most irritating thing on Facebook in Pakistan is the amount of disinformation which we receive everyday. Nobody bothers to check the authenticity of the news before passing it on.

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