10 Reasons Why Pakistanis Love To Join Army

In this age of competition, everybody wants a good and secure career. A career which could become the mean to achieve all the goals. A career which could provide us the opportunity to live a lavish life, a sense of security and a reputed position in the society. And in order to achieve these goals, we study day and night and try to become Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer and Breucrate. But one thing is common among all, at one stage of our life, we wanted to join Pakistan Armed force. We all have appeared for ISSB at least once. A career in Pakistan Army still considered as one of the best career opportunity. Still, you can see longs queues of young and energetic boys outside the ISSB centre in many cities of Pakistan. Here are some of the reasons why the career in Pakistan is the best thing which could ever happen to you.

1. There is Something in The Uniform

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There is always something in the uniform of Pakistani Army. Doesn’t matter how you look like in your normal life, but once wear the uniform, you will definitely look handsome, attractive, hot and dashing.

2. Boys Play With Cricket Bat, Soldiers Paly With Tanks

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While boys biggest charm is to hold and play with the cricket bat, soldiers toys are tanks. Take a blow…

3. A Beautiful Wife is Almost Guaranteed

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Girls, and their parents and their chachy, mamy, dada, dadi, nana nani, everyone loves the man in uniform. So for  soldier, a beautiful wife is 100% sure.

4. While Others take Selfies in Washroom, Soldiers Take it in F-16

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When the other boys take selfies either in washroom or at barber’s shop to impress their girlfriends, soldiers take the selfies from F-16

5. Nobody Can Even Think of Messing Up With A Soldier

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Dare not to mess up with a soldier, it is a soft warning,  loud and clear

6. You Play With Guns in Counter Strike, They Play in Real

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Boys have sleepless nights in excitement when they have a good session of the counter strike against their friends. The guns which you use in the game, soldiers use them and play with them in real.

7. You Can’t Jump From The Bed, They Jump From Helicopters

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When you are afraid of jumping from the bed to the floor, soldiers jump from helicopters. This jump is not even a straight one, its 380 angle jump. Bravo..

8. When Others Are Roaming Around For Poondi, They Become National Heros

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In an age when a common boy’s biggest goal is to find a good looking girlfriend for themselves, a soldier becomes a national hero and enjoys unlimited respect and love of the entire nation.

9. Any Soldier Can Become a Boss, It’s All About Merit There

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The merit system is the key to the success of Pakistan Army as an institute, anybody can become the “Boss” there, you simply can’t use “Parchi System” there.

10. Finally, You Can Even Become The Boss of The Country

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If you know what i mean……

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