10 Reasons Why Murree is The Best Hill Station in Pakistan

Summers are just around the corner, infect in most part of the country, summer is at its peak already. In a couple on month time, there will be summer holidays in the schools/colleges and people will start planning their vocations. Due to extreme hot weather, almost everyone wants to spend at least some part of their holidays at some hill station. God has blessed Pakistan with everything. There are hundreds of places in Pakistan where people can spend a quality time. But why everybody wants to go to Murree during summers, here is the answer,

1- Easy Accessible from Any Part of The Country


Murree is located just one hour drive from the capital of the country, roads are excellent and it is accessible 24/7. This is main reason why people who travel with family don’t risk to go anywhere else but to Murree.

2- There is Absolutely No Issue of Public Transport

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infect during summers, some of the best bus services in Pakistan start special buses which travel from all the major cities to Murree direct. Apart from this, there are a lot of companies who offer their services from Islamabad to Murree throughout the year.

3- Geographical Location is another Plus Point of Murree

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Location of Murree is perhaps its biggest plus point. Having a base in Murree, one can visit all the surrounded areas like Kashmir, Nathiagali, Ayubia, New Murree in just one day. One can also spend one or two days in Islamabad at the end of the tour.

4- Accommodation/Food has Never been an Issue in Murree

PC Bhurban, One of the best Hotels in Pakistan (Source: Flicker)

There are hundreds of hotels and restaurants which can literally accommodate thousands of visitors at once. And the best part is, one can find all types of variety and class there, from cheapest to most expensive.

5- Mall Road, The Jewel of Murree

Mall Road Murree (Source: Twitter)

There are many other places in Pakistan which might be even more beautiful then Murree but Murree has one thing which one other hill station has and that is Mall Road. Its the Shanzelize of Pakistan.

6- Murree Receives Highest Amount of Rain in Pakistan

Misty weather in Murree (Source: Pinterest)

The weather of Murree is best thing in the world. One cannot find the misty weather in any other part of the country which can be found in Murree. The romance is just there in air of Murree this is perhaps the reason why we can find so many honeymoon couples there.

7- Pakistan’s Best Chairlift is That Region

New Murree Chair Lift during Winters (Source: Flicker)

Pakistan’s best chairlift and cable car can also be found there. Chairlifts of Ayubia and Patriata (New Murree) are not only the safest ones but it also offers great view.

8- Home of Countless Hiking Tracks

Pipeline Hiking Track (Source: flicker)

Murree hosts some amazing and most beautiful hiking tracks which not only offers a wonderful view under the shades of Pine tress but these tracks are also very safe. Crime rate and accident rate is absolutely zero so one can go to these tracks even with their female family members and with the kids.

9- Murree Turns From Green to White in Winters

Murree During Winters (Source: Flicker)

If Murree is lush green due to its Pine tress in Summer then it everything turns into white as Murree receives a huge amount of snowfall during winters. Snowfall season usually starts from December and it least till March.

10- Murree is Also The Shopping Capital

Shopping at Mall road Murree (source: flicker)

Murree is not only a wonderful tourist attraction but it also is a shopping heaven, weather it is tradition clothing or dry fruit. Businessmen from all around the Pakistan came to Murree to display their items. Because of the competition between the businessmen, its the buyers who usually get the benefits nut for that you have to be good in bargaining.


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