10 Reasons Why Its Better To Be a Girl Than Boy

Many people in Pakistan think that we have a male dominated society where males enjoy most of the powers. There are countless NGOs in Pakistan which are working for the rights of women. Then there are many feminists for whom a woman is the most compressed creation in Pakistan. They want equal rights for women but the situation is totally reverse. In many cases, women are enjoying more rights and powers than males. Don’t trust me, have a look here.

1- Fail An Exam and Gets Married, Simple


In Pakistan, if a girl is unable to pass an exam, her parents start thinking about his marriage. But if a boy does the same, the case is much horrible for him, he sent to workshop as a “chotta”

2- Broken Car, No Problem, Everybody is There For Help


If a girl is driving a car and her car breaks down right in the middle of the road, people from everywhere come for her help. But if boy’s car breaks down, every single driver from the other cars will start scream at him.

3- Just A Few Tears & Their Marks Will Increase

tear exams

Girl’s tears are directory proportional to their marks. If they get low marks in the exams, they will simply meet with the teacher, shed a few tears and they marks will be increased. But if a boy goes to see his teacher, he has to listen to a never-ending lecture.

4- There is No Queue For Girls, Ladies Ko Jagha Do

giphy (11)

Whether it’s a queue outside a bank or whether it’s a queue for a seat in a bus, girls never have to wait for their turn. Ladies ko Jagha do yaar this is what you heard every time, have you ever heard something Yaar is Larky ko pehly any do…..

5- 1000+ Suits But Still Not Satisfied


It’s only girls who have 1000s of suits in their closet but still, they will always complain that they have nothing to wear for the party. Imagine the life of a Pakistani boy who spends 5 years with a single pair of jeans.

6- Girls Don’t Need To Ask Others To Like Their Pics


Whenever a boy changes his profile pic or uploads a new pic, he has to call all of his friends and beg them to like his pic. While when a girl shares the pic of even her cat, she has countless likes and comments within a few minutes.

7- Just Ask For a Lift & People ‘ll Rent A Car For Them


If a girl needs a lift, it is the easiest thing for her to do on this planet. People who have the car will fight with each other to give her a lift while the people who don’t own a car will consider themselves as the unluckiest people as they have missed a chance to offer a lift to a girl.

8- Girl Can Eat Anything Without Worrying About Money

bill @ res

Have you ever seen in this whole universe that the girls are paying the bill in a restaurant after taking their meal? This is the universal duty of boys to pay the bill.

9- No Late Sitting in The Office

latenight office

Doesn’t matter whether its month end or quarter end year end, girls are just exempted from late sitting in the office. On the other hand, boys need to sit in the office even on weekends for no Fu**ing reason.

10- Girls Don’t Need To Wait For Others in The Parking

shoping parking

And finally have anyone of you ever heard that a girl is waiting in the parking as other family member is busy in the shopping. Now tell me a single guy who hasn’t gone through this troma atleast once in a month.



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