10 Reasons Why Its Better To Be a Boy Than Girl

Last week, we published an article titled as 10 Reasons Why Its Better To Be a Girl Than Boy. Some of our female readers, infect a lot of them, took it to their heart. Some of them took even one step further and sent us the replays of that article. We have chosen one article and publishing as received.

This is the world where we loud out for the women rights and education, still is surrounded by male chauvinist. The man has more power and freedom to live in this world. But the women are still insecure, harassed and targeted for domestic violence. No one stills demands for daughters if they do then not more than one. Nevertheless, the demand of sons is always on the peak. People make pity impression for the parents who have only daughters, no son. The boys are showed as the right hand of the family and they gain more importance in all the tasks and activities.

Here are the few reasons why it’s better to be a boy than a girl;

1- Chicken Leg Piece, Center of Attention of Everyone

Boys, Center of Attention of Everyone

Boys are more care by the family than a girl. Being a boy, you are lucky because you are mother’s favourite, everything is given to you on the golden plate. As mother used to say to the daughters don’t eat the chicken leg piece, keep it save for your brother.

2- No Worries of Being Pregnant, Single Most Important Point

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A girl has to go through the period of pregnancy and delivery issues, she put on so much weight because of the baby. In a case of a boy, he stays free from all the baby pains and care.

3- Bodyguard, Even They Are Single Pasli

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Boys are treated as a bodyguard when family go out of the home. Boys can stay alone at home but parents avoid to leave girls alone.

4- Right To Flirt, Anywhere & Anytime


Boys have a right to flirt, no one has an issue with them of having girlfriends or friendship with girls. But if a girl even has a casual talk with a boy will create dozens of rumours and will start to criticise and raise questions on the upbringing.

5- Boys Stay With Their Parents After Marriage, Girls Can’t

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Girls have to leave their parents, their home, siblings, friends, company or sometimes even job after marriage while Boys don’t have to leave their rooms.

6- No Tension of Parlour Treatments, 

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Boys are acceptable in every skin colour but girls have to maintain herself on every fifteenth day. The girls need to make her skin white, straight and silky hair and make good eyebrows shape frequently.

7- No Fear of Being Touched, Coz Girls Are Not Tharki 

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Tharki chokry can be found anywhere but Tharki girls are not that common. That’s why Boys can be adjusted anywhere because they do not bother of being touched by anyone. But a girl has to think many times before going to a crowded area because of fear being harassed.

8- Importance of Being Son in Law, Damad Sb Ay Hain


Boys as a son-in-law get so much respect and importance in his in-laws. He is treated as an important person ever existed on this planet earth.

9- Good Job = Any Girl, It is That Simple For Boys

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Being a boy, if have a good job, your job is simply done as respect and marriage come to their way by itself. But girls are bound with many formalities, they hardly think much about career and job.

10- No Clothes, No Problem, But It’s a Problem For Girls

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Boys have no worries of wearing new clothes as they can wear same dress many times but girls have to wear new dresses because their outfit is always noticed and get appreciated.

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