10 Places in Pakistan Which One Should Visit Before He Gets Married

Pakistan is truly a myth for many people, especially for those whose knowledge is “media based”. Forget about the foreigners, even many Pakistanis don’t know about the actual colours of Pakistan. Blessed with four seasons, mountains, rivers, glaciers, desert, waterfalls, ancient history, you just name it and that is here in Pakistan. Provided a peaceful environment, Pakistan can become a tourist paradise and we can earn millions of dollar by the tourism industry. This post is a small tribute to this wonderful and most beautiful Pak Sar Zameen, Called as Pakistan. Though thousands of tourist attractions are there is Pakistan and it is not possible to cover all the places in a single post. So we have selected some of the most beautiful and amazing places in Pakistan. Here are the 10 most wonderful places in Pakistan, read this post and plan your next holiday vacations accordingly.

1. Gilgit Baltistan, A Paradise on the Earth

 Gilgit Baltistan
Gilgit-Baltistan (Source: Pinterest)

Easily can be declared as Paradise on the earth, Gilgal Baltistan province of Pakistan is full of natural beauty. You may need minimum one month to visit even the 50% places in Gilgit-Baltistan. Access to GB is also very easy, you can go through by road or by air. The people of this wonderful place are so warm, loving and caring that hospitality is just in their blood. This place is absolutely safe to visit, you can go there with your families as well. This particular region is also among the few places in Pakistan where the literacy rate is close to 90%. Some of the most visited places in this region are

  • Baltoro Glaciers
  • Attabad Lake
  • Astor Valley
  • Deosai
  • Shogran
  • Hunza Valley
Glaciers in  Gilgit Baltistan
Glaciers in GB

2. Neelum Valley, Some called it Switzerland of Asia

neelum valley
Beautiful view of Neelum Valley (Source: Pinterest)

Beautiful weather, lush green mountains, crystal clear water lakes, streams, pine trees, amazing people, this is Neelum valley for you. People who have already visited this beautiful valley want to visit again and people who haven’t visited this part of Pakistan, well who unlucky there are. Road infrastructure is great and there are a lot of hotels in the central valley so there is no issue of residence, Though people prefer to do camping there. Best time to visit this valley, in summers, from June to August and in winters from December to March. Place to visit in this valley are,

  • Taobat
  • Sharda Valley
  • Ratti Gali Lake
  • Arang Khel

3. Kalash Valley, A Mystery Land

kalaash Valley
Source: Pinterest

Surrounded by Hindu-kush mountainous range, Kalash Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. But this region is more famous because of it’s unique and ancient culture which is a form of ancient Hinduism. Kalash festival is not only very famous in Pakistan but it also attracts foreign tourists very year. Some of the places to visit in this valley are,

  • Bumburet Valley
  • Kunar Valley
  • Birir

4. Chitral Valley, A Place Worth of 1000s Trips

Chitral Valley
Chitral Valley, (Source: Pinterest)

This amazing beautiful valley is full of mesmerising sites. It has gained a lot of international attraction because of it’s Shandor Polo Festival, which is the highest polo ground in the world. Chitral Valley is a place in KPK province of Pakistan which worth as many trips as you can. Thousands of Pakistanis and foreigners visited this valley every year especially during the Shandor Polo Festival days. Covered with mountains and rivers, Chitral Valley is a must visit place for all the travellers.

5. Swat Valley, A Land of Rivers and Waterfalls

SWAT Valley (Source: Pinterest)

Swat Valley is present is the KPK province of Pakistan and its situated on a just 4-hours drive from the Islamabad, The Capital City. Swat river is the combination of thousands of freshwater streams. Tarot fish, considered as the world most expensive and delicious fish, can be found in the river swat. Malam Jabba is also there in Swat where you can enjoy skiing at 9200 ft above sea level. The places to visit in Swat valley are,

  • Khuwaza Khela
  • Miandam
  • Madyan
  • Bahrain
  • Kalam

6. Murree/ Galiat, Queen Of  Hills Without Any Doubts

Murree During Winters (Source: Pinterest)

Also known as “Queen of Hills”, Murree and its surrounding areas are definitely the most visited hill station in Pakistan, especially during the summers. The main reason for its popularity is its highly attractive weather, excellent road infrastructure, hundreds of hotels, restaurants and motels and above all, its just half an hour drive from Islamabad. It means one can even go to Murree in the morning and can come back in the evening.

7. Naram/Kaghan Valley, The Home Of Saif ul Malook

Naran/Kaghan Valley (Source: Twitter)

Situated in the northern areas of Pakistan, Naran and Kaghan Valleys have thousands of breathtaking sceneries to offer. These two valleys are known for its beautiful landscapes and romantic weather. Talking about the romance, how somebody can forget the Lake Sail Ul Malook. Though there are countless places to visit in these two valleys but some of the must seen places may include,

  • Lake Saif ul Malook
  • Lalazar
  • Noori Top
  • Balakot
  • Kunhar River

8. KaraKoram, The 8th Wonder of The World

Karakoram highway
Karakoram Highway, highest paved international roads in the world (Source: Pinterest)

If you are a traveller and you haven’t visited Karakoram mountain range and Karakoram highway then you are not eligible to call yourself as a traveller, and its hold true not only for Pakistani travellers but also the international traveller. It is the home of world 2nd highest peak of the world, while the gigantic Karakoram Highway in the highest paved international roads in the world.

9. Thakot, Where You Can Find Beauty Everywhere

Thakot (Source: Pinterest)

This beautiful town in located on the Indus river and it is located at 3713 ft above the sea level. Lush green mountains, rivers, waterfalls and everything is there which a traveller can even think off.

10. Fairy Meadows, Words Can’t Describe The Elegance of This Place.

Fairy Meadows
Fairy Meadows (Source: Twitter)

Locally called as Joot, Fairy Meadows is a beautiful grassland near one of the base camps of majestic Nanga Parbat. There are only a few places in the world where the words just cannot justify the beauty of the place and Fairy Meadows is definitely once of them. One just has to visit the place then he will realise why John Keats said, A Thing of Beauty is Joy Forever

Some Bonus Places…..



Derawar Fort, Cholistan desert,

Derawar Fort, Cholistan desert,
Source: Twitter

Takht-e-Suleiman, Near Balochistan

Source: Tumblr


Source: Pinterest

ParaChinar, FATA

Source: Twitter

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