10 Pakistani Sportsmen Who Ruled The World of Sports

When it comes to natural talent, Pakistan perhaps is the most blessed nation is the world. in every field of life, despite being no system at all, we have produced some the finest people. Talk about science and technology and we have produced Dr. Abdul Salam and Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan. Talk about music and we have produced Madam Noor Jahan, Mehdi Hassan, and NFAK. Same is the case with sports. There is no concept of government support nor we have latest technologies yet we have produced such sportsmen who literally ruled the world. This is just raw talent plus the courage to do something for the country. These people were the real ambassadors of our country and proved the world how talented we are. They teach us that don’t wait for something to happen for you, just create your own doors with your talent, determinations, hard work and positive attitude. Although the list of such great sportsmen is just countless, but here is just 10 of them.

Jahangir Khan, The Sportsman of the Century

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Declared as the sportsman of the century by many sports organizations, journalist, and magazines, Jahangir Khan ruled the world of squash for more than a decade. He is the only player in the sport who won 555 connective matches and remained unbeatable for almost 6 consecutive years. This is something which no other sportsman has ever achieved, not even The Muhammad Ali. 6 consecutive world title, 11 conservative British Opens …. are some of the achievements of this greatest play Pakistan has produced.

2. Imran Khan, Best All rounder in the World

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The story of cricket can’t be completed without the inclusion of Great Imran Khan from Pakistan. One of the most successful captains of Pakistani cricket team, the popularity of Imran Khan was just borderless. The biggest heartthrob in the history of cricket, Imran Khan was a most dangerous bowler at his peak and one fearless batsman. He has a huge fan following all around the cricketing world and still he is one of the most famous cricketers in the world despite being retired 18 years ago

3. Muhammad Yousaf, Snooker World Champion

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There was a time in the mid-90s when Pakistan became the first nation in the world which have won 4 different world cups in four different games at the same time. Cricket World Cup in 1992, Hockey World Cup in 1994, Squash World Open by Janghir Khan and then Snooker World Cup by Muhammad Yousaf. With very limited resource, he not only won World Snooker Championship in 1994 but also World Masters Championship,and 1998 Asian Snooker Championship.

4. Shahbaz Ahmad Sr, The Maradona of Hockey

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European used to call him the Maradona of hockey, Shahbaz Ahmad was one of the finest strikers in the history of field hockey. When he had the ball in his control, nobody could do anything, just watch him. Not only his supporters used to get excited when he had the ball but also the commentators. His run, dribbling, body dough, everything was just artistic. Many a time, he single handily broke through all the defense and score a goal.

5. Waseem Akram, The Sultan of Swing

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As long as people will remember the game of cricket, they will remember Waseem Akram, the deadliest, most skillful and mighty talented fast bowler this world has ever seen. Master of reverse swing, toe-crushing yorkers, and accurate bouncers made him the finest fast bowler in all the formats of the game. He, along with his partner in crime, Waqar Younis, made the deadliest fast bowling duo in the game and people still remember them as 2 Great Ws. Make any list of world greatest cricketers and Waseem’s name will be there.

 6. Sohail Abbas, Most Goals in The History of Hockey

Sohail Abbas, Most Goals in Hockey
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Sohail Abbas, the plenty corner specialist, and defender of Pakistan Hockey team holds all the record in hockey. His flick was so powerful and fast that goalkeepers sometimes couldn’t even see the ball. One could need an entire post just to highlight his records but some of them are, most numbers of goals in the history of the game (348), first player to score 3oo goals, most goals in a calendar year (60), fastest to score 100, 200 and 300 goals, one double hat-trick in a match, most number of  hat-tricks in the career by a player (21)

7. Jansher Khan, Won World Open Record 8 Times

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Yet another super duper sportsman which has represented Pakistan was Jansher Khan. When Jahangir Khan was at his peak and was unbeatable for 6 years, a thin 21 years old kid defeat him for the first time in 6 years and the world came to know about Jansher Khan. His records are just unreal, he had won World Open for record 8 years and British open for 6 years.  After his retirement from the professional game, the dominance of Pakistan over the game of squash was ended after 50 years.

8. Abdul Qadir, The Magician, Inventor of Goggly

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No spin bowling history can be completed without the addition of the  greatest and most skillful leg spinners in the world. His control on the ball and the variations he possessed made him one of the finest spin bowler. He is one who invented the best weapon of a leg spinner, the Goggly. Even after two decades of his retirement, many international cricketers consult him for bowling tips. The Great Shane Warne of Australia once said he got many tips from Qadir which made him the better bowler. Similarly, Imran Tahir of South Africa has spent almost 2 weeks in Lahore under his coaching quite recently.

9. Hassan Sardar, The Flying Horse

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World of hockey remembers him as a flying horse because when he run, he was simply unstoppable. His speed and control on the ball made him the best forward not only in Pakistan but also in the world. At his prime, Hassan Sardar individual efforts made Pakistan the World Champion and Olympic Champion. In the Asian Games in 1982, he destroyed the Indians defense and scored a hat-trick.

10. Javed Miandad, The Evil Genius Cricketer

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Described as Pakistan’s best batsman by Cricinfo, Javed Miandad will be remembered forever for his last ball six against India in Sharjah when four runs were required off the last ball. This was happened very first time in the history of ODI that a team won the match by last ball six. When it comes to batting all the records belong to Miandad, youngest player to hit a double century, only player whose test average was never below 50, most consecutive 50s in ODI, most numbers of world cup played by a player, century on his debut match, youngest player to score a century on his debut are some of the records hold by him.

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