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10 Most Dangerous And Aggressive Dogs in The World

Dogs are the most favorite pets all around the globe. There are many cities in the world where dog population is more than the human population. Paris is one fine example where there are around 2.5 Million humans but 3.5 Million dogs. But which dog breed is the most dangerous and aggressive breed in the world, this is perhaps the most discussed topics in the world when it comes to dogs. All the dogs are very loyal towards their owners, but there are certain dog breeds which show more aggressive than the others. Though there are no scientific data or research available which can categorized dogs on the basis on their aggressive, but here is a list of top 10 most dangerous and aggressive dogs based on the popular beliefs.

 10. Bandog Mastiff

Bandog Mastiff
Bandog Mastiff (Source: Pinterest)

Originated from England, Bandog Mastiff is considered as one the most aggressive and dangerous dog in the world. They can go to any extend to save their owner or during the fight. Due to its highly aggressive nature, Bandog Mastiff is banned in many countries. Muscular body structure, a broad chest, and very powerful neck make this dog a real monster especially when it is in aggressive mode.

9. Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro
Fila Brasileiro (Source: Pinterest)

Also known as Brazilian Mastiff, this dog is extremely aggressive and unforgiving in nature. Banned in countries like the UK, this dog can be used as a hunting dog as well as a shepherd dog. This dog is so aggressive and dangerous that judges in the dog shows are not allowed or warned not to touch this dog as it can attack a stranger. But for its owner, it is one of the most loyal dogs.

8. Cane Corso 

Cane Corso
Cane Corso (Pinterest)

Also known as Italian Mastiff, this dog is usually 60-70cm in height and 40-50kg in weight. Extremely loyal to its owner but equally dangerous for the strangers. It is so dangerous that in many countries if you don’t have a prior experience of dog handling, you are not allowed to adopt this dog. In 2014, two Cane Corso attacked a jogger in Michigan, bite him 8 times, and he ultimately lost his life.

7. Rottweiler

Rottweiler (Source: Pinterest)

Originated from Germany, a Rottweiler normally has an average height of 61-69cm while the average weight of 50-60kg. One of the most famous pet dog in many countries, irresponsible training or lack of attention can turn it into a deadly and dangerous beast. Talking about the dog bites, human injuries or even human deaths, this dog is at the top from many years.

6. Caucasian Shepherd

 Caucasian Shepherd
Caucasian Shepherd (Source: Pinterest)

Historically used to hunt bears, this dog is a real monster with an average height of 65-100cm and an average weight of 80-112kg. It requires very special and sophisticated training to handle this dog. Once out of control this dog is so dangerous and aggressive that it can kill any other dog, sheep or even humans within minutes. That’s why apart from few regions of Russia, Caucasia, Azerbaijani, this dog is hard to find.

5. Boxer

Boxer (Source: Pinterest)

Boxer dogs have been originated from Germany and have a very strong, muscular and powerful body structure. Thier size varies from 56-65cm while the weight varies from 25-35kg. They are normally being used as military dogs, police dogs, and services dogs. Considered as a very good house dog, it can be very dangerous for other dogs and for strangers.

4. Dogo Argentino 

Dogo Argentino
Dogo Argentino (Source: Pinterest)

This dog breed is so aggressive and dangerous that it is banned in at least 15 countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Portugal. Originated from Argentina, this dog is white in color and has a very strong built. A couple of months ago, Dogo Argentino attacked a Puma and saved two young girls from death.

3. Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff
Neapolitan Mastiff

This is perhaps one of the biggest and strongest dogs in the world. Originally from Italy, due to its highly aggressive nature, this dog is banned in many countries. Romans used these dogs as war dogs due to their high-built and antagonistic nature and they were very successful.  It can attack anybody with whom it is not familiar with. In countries like Romania, you need a special permission of the dog mental health after every couple of months.

2. Pitbull Dog

Pitbull Dog (Source: Pinterest)

Talking about the most aggressive dogs, American Pitbull is perhaps the most dangerous dog when it comes to dog attacks on humans. It was used for dog fights earlier. Though considered as the most aggressive dog for the strangers, it is also known for its loyalty towards its owner. This is  perhaps the reason why it one of the most famous dogs in USA and UK.

1. Giant Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff
Tibetan Mastiff (Source: Pinterest)

To conclude the list of “Top 10 most aggressive and dangerous dogs in the world”, here is the giant, the beast, The Great Tibetan Mastiff which used to protect livestock from animals like tigers, wolves, leopards and other large predators. Highly loyal with its owner, very protective for its herds. But they reserve their aggression for the unknown people. It is banned to keep as a pet in almost half of the countries of the world.

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