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10 Most Memorable Fast Bowling Spells by Pakistanis

Pakistan is always known for producing world class fast bowlers, as it’s an obsession in Pakistan. During the early days of its cricket, Pakistan got some brilliant fast bowlers like Fazal Mahmood, Khan Mohammad and Mohammad Husain. But the golden days of Pakistani fast bowling began in the mid of 70,s when Imran khan and Sarfraz Nawaz dominated the world cricket with their furiously fast and swing bowling. And then the great 2Ws took the fast bowling to a new level with their last inswinging yorkers.

1- Imran Khan, 8/60 Against India

Imran khan was an artist when it comes to fast bowling, he was just fantastic in the art of reverse swing. In 1983 he ripped the heart out of Indian batting he took 8 for just 60 in Karachi. Picked up 5 wickets for just three runs, it was a real fast bowling demonstration for the fast bowling lovers.

2- Aqib Javed, 7/37 Against India

On Oct 25,1991 Aqib Javed took 7 wickets for 37 against India in Sharjah, the best bowling figures in the history of ODI at that time. Aqib also got a hat trick during this famous and furious spell of fast bowling.

3- Wasim Akram, Those “TWO DELIVERIES” in 92 Final

Though there are literally countless fast bowling spells by The Greatest fast bowler of all time, Wasim Akram, but when it comes to most memorable one, it will be definitely those two deliveries which he bowled during the final of World Cup 1992.

4- Sarfraz Nawaz, 9/89 Against Australia

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 On 15th March 1979 at Melbourne, Sarfraz bowled the spell of his life, he took 9 for  89 to help Pakistan to win that test match.  He picked up 7 wickets for just one run in 33 balls. This was the best ever bowling performance by a Pakistani on Australian soil.

5- Waqar Younis, 7/36 Against England

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The toe breaker and the best Yorker bowler Waqar Younis bowled a brilliant spell of bowling against England at Headinley, Leeds in 2001 picking up 7 wickets in the match and conceded just 36 runs.

6- Shoaib Akhtar, Cruel Yorkers Against Dravid & Sachin

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SHOAIB was a new name for India before that but later he became a nightmare for them. The Rawalpindi express in the very first match against India picked 8 wickets in the match including the wickets of Dravid and Sachin on consecutive balls.

7- Fazal Mehmood, 12 wickets Vs England

Fazal Mahmood
Fazal Mahmood (Source: Pinterest)

The first ever fast bowler of Pakistan produced a famous victory against England with his brilliant bowling figure of 12 wickets in a match and six in each innings. It was a fantastic bowling spell that helps Pakistan in their first ever test match victory against England.

8- Muhammad Asif, Series of Clean Bowled Against India

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It was last and decider test match between Pakistan and India at Krachi and Pakistan was 0/3 in first over. For many Pakistanis, the match was over there but some great batting from Kamran Akmal and then came the brilliance of Muhammad Asif. Especially in the second inning when he bowled Sehwag, VVS and Sachin, the ball literally swing miles before knocking the stumps.

9- Umer Gul, 5/6 Against New Zealand

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Pakistan was playing the most crucial match of the 2nd T20 World Cup against New Zealand and it was a must win game for Pakitan. New Zealand was batting first and going so well until came Umer Gull. He single handedly destroyed the entire opposition and took 5 wickets for 6 runs, the best bowling figures in T20 at that time.

10- Junaid Khan Stunned India & Virat Kohli

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Pakistan was travelling to India after some years for three ODI and 2 T20. During the first ODI when Junaid Khan came to bowl, he did what not body was anticipated. He simply outclassed the entire Indian batting line up with unreal swing bowling. Best Indian batsman, Virat Kohli, was no cule agaisnt him.

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