About Us

About Chaska Party

Chaska Party is a platform where we publish unique, fresh and original content on regular basis. Our stories and articles are meant for both entertainment as well as information (infotainment as we call it). Our targeted audience is not limited to any specific age group, any specific area or any specific field of life. We publish such wide range of stories that we can claim with full authority that we have something for everyone.

Our Stories are Bound to be Viral

While writing and publishing an article, we always keep an eye on the freshness of the content, this is the reason why all the articles/stories published at Chaska Party are just bound to be viral. People love to read and share our articles/stories.

At Chaska Party, we have a team of writers, developers, designers and social media experts who work day and night in order to provide the audience with the best possible reading experience. Anybody who thinks that he has the writing skills and he wants to write for Chaska Party, we will always welcome such individuals. Just reach us through our Contact Us page and send your piece of writing. We will review it and publish it on Chaska Party